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Apr-16-03, 06:46 PM (EST)
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"Chris Wolf interview - 4/2003"
   Chris Wolf gave an interview to the Globe - - - so much for him being upset by being linked to the murder - - the man is amazing!

Exclusive GLOBE interview to follow (with comments):

Ex-suspect says he'll appeal court ruling

The man identified by Judge Carnes as a "long-standing" suspect in JonBenét Ramsey's murder says he's a victim too.

Like many other who fell under the umbrella of suspicion, he was, indeed, a victim. Not of the Ramseys - but of the killer who still walks free.

"I feel as though I have been blackballed from the regular world for 6 years," Chris Wolf tells GLOBE.

"Clearly, I was not involved in JonBenét's death. But the suspicion has been a burden, both emotionally and psychologically."

Perhaps if he had not given interviews to Schiller and Shapiro and others, put his own name out there for discussion, he wouldn't feel that way.

The 43 year old journalist is now working in a photo lab in New York State.

Now, does that make sense - to release that information? And what does a "journalist" do in a photo lab? Is he writing or doing photo essays or working processing other people's film?

A former girlfriend, Jacqueline Dilson, told Boulder, Colo. police that she thought he might be involved in the shocking murder.

She honestly believed what she was saying - told a strangestory that he doesn't seem to disagree with overall.

"She was upset because we were close to breaking up," he says. "Jacqui was 10 years older than me and wanted to head towards marriage while I was ready to move on."

Maybe, maybe not - - but most people manage to break up with others without turning them in for murder.

She told police that Wolf was behaving strangely, hated fat-cat businessmen like John Ramsey - and had an odd link to the ransom note, which ended in the letters SBTC.

"She said that I had a shirt with the letters SBTC on it, for Santa Barbara Tennis Club," he explains.

"In fact, she got it wrong. It was Santa Barbara Beach Club. Eventually the police told me that they were satisfied I was not involved."

This is good that Chris is clearing up misinformation - - - - but so far now it is he said/she said - I wonder if the BPD has the shirt.

"But the Ramseys later wrote about me in their book, which I believe harmed me."

I don't think so. They didn't tell the world much that they hadn't already known - - because Chris Wolf himself had already told everyone he was a suspect.

In his suit, Wolf claimed that JonBenét's parents had maliciously defamed him by saying he was a suspect - because clearly they were involved in the little girl's death themselves.

Interesting the way this is written - - they say he said one thing in his lawsuit - - the one he lost - - - but the quote indicates he just has no idea who did this. (Call it the "don't sue me" clause.)

He suggested that Patsy had struck her daughter in a rage and the pageant princess suffered horrific injuries falling against the bathtub.

He suggested - the evidence didn't support it for Wolf any more than it did for Thomas.

The Ramseys, he maintained, had then staged everything - from the garroting, to the hiding of the body, and even the ransom note, as a coverup.

Theory, nothing more.

Wolf, who intends to appeal the judge's ruling, says he would never harm a child.

I don't think there will be an appeal - hope he wouldn't harm a child. (I don't think he is guilty in Ramsey - butthat doesn't make him a saint, either. I sure wouldn't want my kids bringing him home for Easter dinner.

"I don't know what happened to JonBenét in the Ramseys' home that night," he says, " But I still believe that John and Patsy do know."

I believe he doesn't know what happened that night. neither do the Ramseys.

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Apr-17-03, 02:04 AM (EST)
1. "Maliciously Defamed?"
In response to message #0
   OK..I'll go along with defamation----but why throw into the charges the whole Steve Thomas scenario? Is it because he didn't have a case that the defamation was "malicious?" Or some other reason?

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Member since Nov-29-02
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Apr-17-03, 02:17 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Maliciously Defamed?"
In response to message #1
   Funny how the fact that Wolf has NOT been eliminated as a suspect - as stated in the Carnes summary - does not make a headline. That his handwriting exemplars did not eliminate him. That he was rated a "6" or "7" in a rating of 1-10 as a suspect. You would think the way the media operates that this information would make a darn good news story - Plaintiff accusing Ramseys turns out to be high-rated suspect.

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Apr-17-03, 07:17 AM (EST)
3. "six or seven ?"
In response to message #2
   Irrespective of what weight you might accord to accusations made by a girl-friend, the 'six or seven', the history of patronizing places of 'adult entertainment zoning', the general history of his involvement in the case, some misleading statements about his awareness of Acces Graphics/John Ramsey, etc. all these things add up to his being a viable suspect. Is he guilty? No, I doubt it.
But that doesn't mean he is not a viable suspect.

Alot of times someone comes to the attention of investigators because of 'strange behavior' that is not 'criminal behavior', just strange.

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Apr-17-03, 01:30 PM (EST)
4. "RE: six or seven ?"
In response to message #3
   DonBradley, I agree with your previous statement. I do not think that Chris Wolf is guilty of this crime, but he was a suspect.
Chris Wolf did not have a case when this went to court, whereas, he lost.

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Member since Nov-29-02
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Apr-17-03, 07:39 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: six or seven ?"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-17-03 AT 07:40 PM (EST)
From Carnes judgment (footnote 29 page 63)

"Indeed, defendants arguably understated the police department's interest in plaintiff. Since 1997, plaintiff has been a long standing suspect of both the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder County District Attorney's Office in the murder investigation. (SMF 285-286, 291; PSMF 285-286, 291.) Contrary to what the Complaint indicates, Boulder authorities have yet to clear plaintiff of possible involvement in the murder (SMF 287; PSMF 287.) Further, he is the only suspect to date to have been arrested in connection with the murder investigation. (SMF 290; PSMF 290.)"

Note: I do not necessarily wish to focus the forum's attention on Chris Wolf nor am I necessarily suggesting he is "our man". The purpose of this post and the one above is simply to show that there have been some very good suspects in this case that have not drawn attention from the media in the same way that any one of the Ramseys has. I do believe Lin Wood has a point when he believes there are grounds for suit against the BPD for the way in which they have encouraged media attention to focus on the Ramseys at the exclusion of some other very valid suspects who may have, in fact, met a standard of suspicion that exceeds that of any one of the Ramseys. JMO.

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