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Apr-17-03, 04:28 PM (EST)
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"Burke's shoes"
   BlueCrab claims that the Ramseys bought a pair of shoes for Burke when they were in NYC in early December, 1996 - - he is right about that.

But he says they were Hi-Tec boots and they were NOT - - the Ramseys bought Burke a pair of Nike Air Jordans. They were purchased at Niketown on 5th Avenue. And yes, they did have them sent home to

So the question begs to be asked... who is BlueCrab's source - and are they telling BlueCrab lies or is he twisting the facts himself?

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Apr-17-03, 07:06 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Burke's shoes"
In response to message #0
   On a number of occasions BlueCrab has been caught taking an element of truth and tweaking it just as you have demonstrated in this shoe purchase story. His motivation to do so in order to provide a slanted view of evidence that would SEEM to point at Burke is bewildering. His theory is suspiciously (IMO) tied to a part of the Ryan Ross (Crime Magazine) story with very similar "tweaked" conclusions and misrepresentations (ie the Grand Jury conclusions and what the "Johnny" book was about). His theory evolves and changes as he is "found out" by reaching (really reaching) for another way to tenaciously continue to attempt to throw suspicion upon Burke. A motive for what seems to be such a desparate need to pin this crime on a 9 year old child would be a relief to discover. JMO

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