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Apr-04-03, 08:50 PM (EST)
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"Come Chat"
   .enter through MIRC or the link at the top of the forum page. There is often someone there, usually
at night. But if you get in and are alone, consider waiting - - someone may show up!

MIRC is a program that must be downloaded.

Mirc url: http://www.mirc.co.uk

I installed the 16 bit, but a 32 bit can be installed on your computer if it has the latest updates. 16
bit just as good as the 32 bit does on my desktop

when the url comes up--click on the download MIRC on left of the screen and when that page comes
up--go more than half way down until you see the heading MIRC 5.6 (16) bit for WIN 3. X and on the
left side --the state/download sites are underlined--click on that underline

MIRC 5.6 (16) Maryland-or the state closest to where you live (any will do)---click on this and follow
instructions for download

After it is installed you can click on the icon or if no icon then find it in file manager and click

you get the screen with the mans picture on it--
Click on the little X in the right corner of that little window with the mans picture and the picture

The next screen that is labeled MIRC OPTIONS.

Under the ADD, EDIT, DELETE, SORT buttons use the scroll down tab and click on Newnet: US, IL,
Chicago -

then type in

NAME: n/a


NICKNAME: name of hat you will use

ALTERNATIVE: leave blank

Then click on the button that says CONNECT TO IRC SERVER,

a bunch of messages will come up

and then a screen with room names that are preceeded by the pound sign (#)

You should now see a IRC CHANNEL FOLDER screen and a cursor will be flashing --type in this exactly
with capitals and with the pound sign

#WebbSleuths and press the ADD BUTTON

The name #WebbSleuths will be added and highlighted and then click JOIN button and you should be
in the chat room

When you register on mIRC, don't use your real name if you don't want it to be known. What you use
to register shows on a status screen whenever you log onto mIRC.

The chat room is accessible to almost anyone (a few have been banned).

NO ONE should come in through school or work - - that could show on the ID.

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