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Feb-08-01, 10:51 PM (GMT)
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"Missing Kids Web Links "
   Posted by LadyBug on Mar-09-00 at 08:34 PM (EST)

Indy, Thanks for suggesting a site in our forum for web page links for 'Missing Children'. Please post links in this thread which will be much easier to access and possibly help bring a child home again where they are safe.
This site is an Official Member of
The Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System Member 215


National Center For Missing Exploited Children
At times referred to as NCMEC

Sign up, join the 'Partner Program' at this site, select the region where you feel you can help.

Search the database for your state and see how many children remain in the missing database. Help bring them home! Search the menu on the left side of the page. You can help, we can all help if we unite !

Messages in this discussion
1 . "The Erica Baker Forum"
Posted by Bluefire on Mar-09-00 at 10:18 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-00 AT 10:20 PM (EST)

This is a special forum at Tokana's devoted to discussion of the disappearance of Erica Baker who is missing from Kettering, Ohio since February 7, 2000. The investigation is still active and very "typical" of many unsolved cases. Its a free forum and will be bringing in posters from the Dayton area.

Tokana just posted a map of the crime scene this evening.

My missing children's pages are in the process of being transferred to a new domain:


The only one tranferred thus far is the Valiree Jackson Story:


Almapintada Abducted Children pages will specialize (mostly)in telling the story of missing children of color from this point on.

2 . "Child Watch of North America "
Posted by LadyBug on Mar-24-00 at 03:08 AM (EST)

For kids sake, child I.D. programs, education and much more. Find out how you can help in your very own or nearby community.
Missing Children photos and scheduled events.
Contact link below.

3 . "Missing Children Photo Album By LadyBug "
Posted by LadyBug on Apr-09-00 at 10:52 PM (EST)

Missing Children Photo Album By LadyBug
" Our Children Are Missing "

Please visit and join LadyBug's Photo Album for missing children, age of the child makes no difference, they are someone's child or our very own.
You will need a passport I.D. but that only takes a minute.

Have patience, my MSN Community is new and constantly under construction. You can add photos too!. Please note the photo size for quick loading.

Click on the index on the left side, add 'Recommendation' links, discussion subjects, schedule a chat, recommend a site. You can add photos too!. Please note the photo size, trying to keep them similar size for faster loading.

This is a public web page which we can all take part, then link back to this forum for updated news. Help bring these kids home again by creating a chain of links, a goal to find the missing kids.

Watch out for hammers and nails when you enter...I am new and it's still under construction and will be constantly updated as time permits. Thanks
Click here: http://communities.msn.com/MissingChildrenPhotoAlbumByLadyBug

4 . "APB News "
Posted by LadyBug on Aug-05-00 at 01:01 AM (EST)

Click on 'Missing' at the index on site. Photos and information online. Check each state for contact telephone numbers to report a sighting.
This is a special web site with helpful information if your child or a child known by you was missing. Who and where to call, what to do first and what to do immediately!


5 . "Doe Network"
Posted by Ishtar93 on Nov-23-00 at 08:25 PM (EST)

Caution extremely graphic web site

Please come and visit, look around and see if you know anyone!!

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Mar-15-01, 05:50 AM (GMT)
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1. "bump"
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Dec-19-01, 03:09 PM (GMT)
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2. "Bump"
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   Thank you

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