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Jul-07-03, 10:18 PM (EST)
"Shawn Hornbeck Updates"
   Request From Chris Diamond, Assistant Director of the Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue foundation:

How would you like to help the foundation and families with children? We have many Digital Fingerprinting events planned all around Missouri and Illinois and are very much in need of volunteers that can help with an event or two or more! We would coordinate everything about the event and supply everything needed for the event. We just need caring volunteers that can help with the fingerprinting process. Many events are only a few hours long and just about anyone can help regardless of physical ability or computer knowledge. We will train all volunteers!!

If you can offer your time for any of the events listed on our Event Calendar please contact us at either volunteer@shawnhornbeck.com or you can call 1-866-400-5353 anytime! Please help us continue our Digital Fingerprinting program for families! We have already provided over 8,000 children with FREE Digital Fingerprinting....how many more can we do with your help?

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Jul-07-03, 10:19 PM (EST)
1. "RE: Shawn Hornbeck Updates"
In response to message #0
   Latest press release:


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Jul-07-03, 10:21 PM (EST)
2. "ShawnAlert"
In response to message #1
   A new feature added to the SHSAR home page: the new ShawnAlert ticker near the top of the home page. The ticker is still under development and being tested with various browser versions. If you experience any difficulties viewing the ticker, or you would like to help us test the ticker by placing one on your website, please email me at craig@sarteam.com.

The ShawnAlert is being developed to help disseminate lost or missing child information when the case does not meet the criteria required for the issuance of an Amber alert. With your help we can make this program a success. Look for more ShawnAlert updates coming soon!

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unregistered user
Jul-11-03, 11:43 AM (EST)
3. "RE: ShawnAlert"
In response to message #2
   Orginally posted by Craig on the Shawn Hornbeck message board

Just go to www.alostchild.com/shawnalert/ and click the 'Get Ticker' menu item. Thanks for participating!

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Charter Member
Jul-16-03, 06:39 PM (EST)
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4. "Joyous Occasion Turns Solemn"
In response to message #3

Top Story for Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Shawn Hornbeck

Joyous occasion turns solemn for Hornbeck family

BY LEROY SIGMAN\Daily Journal Staff Writer

What would normally be a joyous occasion for the parents of a 12-year-old boy will be a solemn occasion Thursday.

Family and friends of Shawn Hornbeck will gather Thursday evening in Fenton to observe the missing boy's 12th birthday in a special way. A bench that is part of the "Sitting With an Angel" program will be dedicated in Shawn's name.

The bench will feature a photograph of Shawn as well as information about him and his disappearance which occurred Oct. 6, 2002. The bench was created through the partnership between The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation and Creative Placard Ads.

The ceremony is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the Missouri Food For Less Store at 1200 Sugar Creek Square in Fenton. That is where the bench is to be placed.

Shawn's bench will be the second to be dedicated in the "Sitting With an Angel" program. The first was dedicated in the name of Heather Kullorn who disappeared while baby sitting in St. Louis on July 15, 1999. She was 12 years old at the time of her disappearance. Kullorn's bench was dedicated at the Buy-Rite IGA at Lake Saint Louis on Sunday.

Craig and Pam Akers, Shawn's parents, attended the ceremony dedicating the first bench to the missing girl. They said in the announcement of the upcoming ceremony in Fenton the gathering is "not to celebrate, but to dedicate a bench featuring his photo and information about his disappearance."

The goal of "Sitting With An Angel" is to place benches featuring the photographs and information about missing children at area grocery stores throughout Missouri and Illinois.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Creative Placard Ads in this campaign and feel honored to have been chosen to participate in this program," said Craig Akers, who is executive director of the foundation.

Another bench is expected to be placed in Maryland Heights later this month and will be dedicated to 9-year-old Christian Ferguson, who was kidnapped in St. Louis County about one month ago.

Children are being selected for additional benches that will be placed in Columbia as well as in Springfield, Ill., and Urbana, Ill. There announcements are expected soon on the additional benches.

Shawn's baseball team, the De Soto All-Stars, clinched their district title Sunday and are on the way to the state tournament in Joplin. After winning the district title, the team members were given a championship pin -- and one was placed on the jersey Shawn would have worn had be been there. The jersey from the De Soto Astros has hung in that team's dugout for each game as they won their way to the league title.

The jersey, similar to one Shawn was wearing when he disappeared, has also been hung in the All-Stars' dugout throughout the district tourney.

"The (All-Star) team also asked permission to take Shawn's jersey on the road with them to Joplin to once again hang in their dugout to remind them of their friend and teammate who can only be there in spirit," Craig Akers said.

A message posted on the Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue Team's web page early Monday has caused some mixed reactions. It read simply, "hes coming home not just yet thoe... I wish I could say more but I am limited with what I can tell you... sorry."

Some on the message board took this as possible good news that Shawn is still alive, but they also were upset that anyone with such knowledge would withhold the details. Others considered it a possible cruel hoax and were bitter that it was posted.

Craig Akers said efforts are being made to trace the source of the message, but could not say more about how this was being done nor how much success they were having.

There is a $75,000 reward being offered "for information leading to the recovery of Shawn Hornbeck." There are several ways that this information can be provided. There are links listed at the web page (shawnhornbeck.com) and telephone numbers. The toll-free number for the command post is 866-400-5353. There are instructions on how to provide the information anonymously and still be eligible for the reward by using code numbers.

Shawn disappeared while riding his bicycle in the Richwoods area on the afternoon of Oct. 6. No trace of him nor his bicycle has been found. At the time he disappeared he stood 4-8 and weighed 90 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

The boy's disappearance is being treated as a possible abduction by authorities. A team made up of FBI agents, investigators from the Missouri Highway Patrol, and local authorities are conducting an investigation. They still indicate they have come up with no solid evidence as to what happened to Shawn.


Copyright © 2003 The Daily Journal - All Rights Reserved

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Aug-05-03, 09:16 PM (EST)
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5. "Wednesday 10th Month In Disappearance"
In response to message #4

Local News Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Wednesday marks 10th month in disappearance

BY LEROY SIGMAN\Daily Journal Staff Writer

RICHWOODS - It was 10 months ago Wednesday that 11-year-old Shawn Damian Hornbeck got on his lime green mountain bicycle to go visit a friend. It was the last time his parents saw him and to this day authorities say they still have not found a single shred of physical evidence to indicate what happened to the boy.

This does not mean authorities have given up, said Washington County Prosecuting Attorney John D. Rupp. Even though it has been 302 days since the last reported sighting of Shawn, one member of the Washington County Sheriff's Department continues to devote his full attention to the case and other agencies are also working on it.

"Don Cooksey, the former Potosi police chief, is spending most of his time following up leads," Rupp pointed out. "He joined the Sheriff's Department last fall particularly to investigate this case."

The prosecutor, who gets regular updates from Cooksey, pointed out he is well trained. Not only was he a member of the St. Louis Police Department, Cooksey has extensive investigative training since that time.

Also spending considerable time on the case is Special Agent Marvin Singleton of the FBI, who works out of the agency's Rolla office. Rupp said that while Singleton is not able to devote himself to the Hornbeck case full-time, he is very deeply involved in the investigation. Members of the Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control are also still very much involved in the investigation.

"There are still leads out there," Rupp said, indicating the investigators received two or three new tips in the past two weeks that they are following up on. "And they are still tracking down some older leads, some of them that go back all the way to the time Shawn disappeared."

Rupp suggested some of the older leads, while promising, have been difficult to pin down. Investigators have interviewed dozens of people about the boy's disappearance and have come up with a number of possibilities, but nothing solid.

According to the prosecutor, there still has not been any physical evidence found regarding the boy or his bicycle. "And, to my knowledge, they have not found a single eyewitness who can tell them what happened to Shawn."

The law enforcement task force formed to investigate the case has been tight-lipped regarding any specific information it has developed. Other sources have indicated many of the leads have involved people who say they were told certain things about the disappearance and others who have heard rumors about what happened.

A big task the investigators have, Rupp said, is trying to separate fact from rumor when they get a new lead. They try to determine just how reliable the new information is before spending a great deal of time chasing it down. At the same time, the prosecutor stressed, they do not take any information lightly.

"At this point I would have to say we are not anywhere close to resolving the case," Rupp said. Almost immediately he added, "But in a case such as this, one piece of information might just break the case wide open in an instant."

Rupp recalled how the disappearance of a St. Francois County couple was solved with one telephone call after nearly a year of intensive investigation had turned up no suspects. Unfortunately, in that case, their bodies were found buried on a farm in northeastern Washington County.

Although investigators and the family of Shawn have openly admitted they know there could be a grim conclusion to the case, they also hold out hope that the boy is still alive and safe somewhere. Such hope has been encouraged with the return this year of several young kidnap victims who had been missing for years.

"This is definitely a criminal investigation," Rupp said again this week, echoing what an FBI agent had said days after Shawn disappeared.

The FBI said early on that abduction is one distinct possibility. It is one of the possibilities that offers the family the most hope that Shawn might eventually be found and returned home safely.

There has also been much grim speculation about what happened and investigators have not ruled out those scenarios. They include the possibility Shawn was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle and the driver panicked, disposing of the body and the bicycle.

Another possible scenario that spawned many rumors was that Shawn had accidentally come upon illegal drug activities. During the intensive searches of the rugged area around Richwoods, several old meth-making operations were found but no clues to indicate the boy had been there.

Shawn had left home shortly after 1 p.m. on the pleasant Sunday afternoon, Oct. 6, 2002, saying he was going to visit a friend who lived not far away. While he never arrived at the friends' home, he was seen riding his bicycle along Route A west of Highway 47 as late as 4:30 p.m. There were other reports he was seen in the area of Richwoods School at about the same time.

Those are the last reports, at least disclosed publicly, of when the boy was seen. When he failed to return home by 6 p.m., his mother, Pam Akers, called the friend and was told Shawn never arrived. In less than 90 minutes a massive search effort was launched under the direction of the Richwoods Fire Department and the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Over the next 10 days, hundreds of volunteers combed the rugged terrain around Richwoods in search of the boy, his bicycle or any evidence of what might have happened to him. They found absolutely nothing in the way of physical evidence.

The remote area of northern Washington County includes old mine sites, extremely harsh terrain, a lot of heavily wooded area, numerous lakes and ponds, and the nearby Mineral Fork Creek. Using horses, all-terrain vehicles and simply walking, the volunteers covered thousands of acres without success. Some of those involved in the searches were specially trained in such operations.

Even the most trained of the searchers admitted, however, that in some areas the vegetation was so dense that they could have walked within a very close distance of something and not seen it. Aerial searches were conducted and lakes were drained, but nothing found.

Pam Akers and her husband have joined with friends and relatives to establish the Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue Team as well as the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation. Both are dedicated to an ongoing effort not only to find Shawn, but also to help find other children who disappear.

Not only does Rupp say the criminal investigation is still very active, the prosecutor suggested it would remain a top priority for as along as it takes to solve the case.


©2000-2003 The Daily Journal - All Rights Reserved

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unregistered user
Aug-22-03, 09:31 AM (EST)
6. "A lost Child launched"
In response to message #5
   The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation is happy to announch the launch of www.alostchild.com, which contains a searchable missing childrens data base. We currently only have children listed for Missouri and Illinois, but we're working feveriously to add all the other states. Please, stop by and if you have any suggestions for the site, or notice any descrpencies leave a message on the board.

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unregistered user
Sep-22-03, 05:49 PM (EST)
7. "Cruise for Kids Car Show"
In response to message #6
   Cruise For Kids is a benefit car and motorcycle show organized by a group of car enthusiasts to show their support of the programs offered by The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation. The event will be held on Sunday, September 28, 2003 at the Hooter’s Restaurant of South County, 7517 S. Lindbergh Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63125.

The event begins at 10:00 AM and the entry fee is $10.00 per vehicle. Cruise For Kids will feature an appearance by the Hooter’s Girls at 11:00 AM and Hot Rod Magazine’s March issue ’57 Chevy cover car. Organizers say over 400 entrants have pledged to attend the event. Also on hand will be the Track Labs Dynamometer from Gateway International Raceway. For an additional fee entrants can use the dynamometer to measure the true horsepower output of their vehicles.

The event is sponsored by Hooter’s South County, Sound Ideas, Captain D’s, Ken’s Precision, Phine Designs, Designs and Signs, Hole Shot, Creative Customs, Classic Cars Plus, Fast Lane Classic Cars, Dairy Queen, Checkered Flag, Mustang Muscle and Street Speed.

The foundation’s free MyID4Life Digital ID program will also be available for children aged 17 and under. All participants receive their child’s digital fingerprints and photos on a diskette to take home with them. The diskette also includes a program to record your child’s vital statistics, and enables you to easily print flyers with your child’s photos and information. The program is designed for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP and Microsoft Access.

orginally posted to www.shawnhornbeck.com by Craig

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unregistered user
Sep-24-03, 04:24 PM (EST)
8. "Candle Light Vigil"
In response to message #7
   One Year Mark and Prayer Vigil

Posted By: Lil' Kim < >
Posted Date: September 24, 2003 (2:26 PM)



There will be a candlelight prayer vigil at the Richwoods Lions Club on The one year anniversary of Shawn's disappearance, October 6th.
The Vigil will begin at 6:00 pm (Sunset is at 6:29pm). We hope that the Community and wonderful people who have supported us and kept us going will be there to share this time with us as we pray to bring Shawn home where he belongs.


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Oct-06-03, 09:14 AM (EST)
9. "RE: Candle Light Vigil"
In response to message #8
   Posted By: Chris Diamond
Posted Date: October 4, 2003 (3:25 PM)

Responding To: monday at dusk
Posted By: momof2girls
Posted Date: October 2, 2003 (4:08 PM)


We want to say 'Thank You' in advance for thinking of Shawn in observance of the 1 year anniversary. If you could please send us any photos that you may take of your ceremonies the search team and the family would greatly appreciate it! We would like to have the photos to remember all of the many supporters and followers of the search for Shawn.

You can email any photos to: 1yearphotos@shawnhornbeck.com or you can mail any photos you have to:

Shawn Hornbeck Foundation
attn: 1st Anniversary Photos
HCR 63 Box 495
Richwoods, Missouri 63071

Thank you all again...and we hope to see many photos remembering Shawn!!!!

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Member since Dec-6-03
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Oct-06-03, 05:14 PM (EST)
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10. "Our Candles Glow For ..."
In response to message #9
Shawn Hornbeck

Richwoods, Missouri
Missing Since October 6, 2002

We believe in miracles...
And we never give up hope !

NOTE: There are so many of us that are unable to attend Shawn's vigil being held tonight at dusk but we can visit Shawn's web site and perhaps post our messages of support, hope and prayers.
Blessings, LadyBug

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Oct-07-03, 09:41 AM (EST)
11. "RE: Our Candles Glow For ..."
In response to message #10
   Thank you Ladybug

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Oct-31-03, 01:17 PM (EST)
12. "501c approved!"
In response to message #11
   Great News!!!

Posted By: Craig
Posted Date: October 31, 2003 (10:53 AM)


The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation has been approved for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS. All of your donations are now tax deductible. This ruling is retro-active for 15 months, so anyone that has made any kind of donation of money, goods or services to the foundation since our inception may use that contribution as a tax deduction.

This ruling opens the door for us to apply for some of the many grants available for organizations such as ours, and will help us greatly expand our programs to safeguard our children and recover our missing!

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unregistered user
Nov-11-03, 11:46 AM (EST)
13. "RE: 501c approved!"
In response to message #12
   Original Post: Craig November 6, 2003
Mark you calendar for the Second Annual Shawn Hornbeck Benefit Night, to be held on the evening of Friday, January 9, 2004 at the Carpenter’s District Council Hall at 1401 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63139.

The event will feature live music courtesy of the Smash Band (www.smashband.com), silent auctions, door prizes, refreshments and much more.

Watch for more information coming soon!

Original Post: Craig November 6, 2003
We are looking for donations of items that can be used as door prizes, as well as silent auction items.

Thanks for your help!

Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue
HCR 63 Box 495
Richwoods, MO 63071

Toll-Free 866-400-5353

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unregistered user
Jan-05-04, 09:42 PM (EST)
14. "2nd Annual Shawn Hornbeck Foundation Ben"
In response to message #0
   WHEN: Friday, January 9, 2004
TIME: 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM!
WHERE: St. Louis Carpenters Hall, 1401 Hampton Ave
WHAT: Live Entertainment ( SMASH BAND ), Food, Door Prizes, Auctions, Free
Digital Child Fingerprinting, Games and a whole lot more!
TICKETS: $15 Donation*/per ticket in advance or $20 Donation*/per ticket at the door! Children 12 and under are FREE!! Tickets can be purcased on-line at www.shawnhornbeck.com

Some of the evenings activities will include:

Live Music
The SMASH BAND Super Hits All-Stars
Food - Your admission includes delicious food provided by Syberg's
Soda, Beer, Wine and other refreshments available
Silent Auction
Door Prizes
Free MyID4Life Digital ID Kits for children 17 and under

Event Supporters

Carpenter's District Council of Greater St. Louis
Kinko's - Manchester Rd.
Syberg's Restaurant
103.3 KLOU Radio
The SMASH BAND Super Hits All-Stars
A Back Rub Co.
Bama, Inc.
Bed Bath & Beyond – Brentwood
Books Galore
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Cardinal Vending
Chevy’s – Olivette
Cookies by Design
Damar Travel
Darden Restaurants
Dave & Buster's of St. Louis
DJ's Meat Market
Eye Center, Eureka Wal-Mart
Fastrans, Inc.
First Thing First Foundation
Goedeker's Super Store
Grand Plaza Hotel - Branson
Grand Seas Resort
Great Clips
IGA- St. Clair
J.H. Berra Paving Co., Inc.
Missouri Botanical Garden
Old Mines Auto Sales
Pier 1 Imports – Crestwood
Quinn's Place Restaurant
Ramada Inn at Six Flags
Shop 'n Save
Silver Dollar City
Six Flags St. Louis
Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House and Education Center
Southwest Airlines
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Casa Loma Ballroom
St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Swing Around Fun Town
Sylvan Learning Center
The Magic House St. Louis Children's Museum
The Pasta House Company - Arnold
The Tan Company- Arnold
Wal-Mart- Eureka
Yacovelli's Restaurant

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Feb-17-04, 00:57 AM (EST)
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In response to message #14
   February 16, 2004

Press Conference To Be Held Regarding Withdrawal of Reward

Richwoods, MO – February 16, 2004 – Craig and Pamela Akers, parents of missing Shawn Hornbeck, have scheduled a press conference for tonight, February 16th, 2004 at 7:00PM to announce the withdrawal of the $75,000 reward that is currently offered for information leading to Shawn’s Recovery.

The press conference will be held in the banquet room at Quinn’s Place Restaurant at 10857 Highway 21 in Hillsboro, MO. Quinn’s place is located at the intersection of Highways 21 and B.

Please click on the menu to your left
Reward To Be Withdrawn In Hornbeck Disappearance

Richwoods, MO – February 16, 2004 – Craig and Pamela Akers, parents of missing Shawn Hornbeck, announced today that the $75,000 reward being offered for information leading to his recovery will be rescinded effective at Midnight on Tuesday, February 17th, 2004.

We’re tired of playing games, we’re tired of hearing ‘I heard this story, but can’t tell you who said it’.” said Craig Akers, Shawn’s father. Anyone with verifiable information that can lead to Shawn’s recovery has until Midnight Tuesday to come forward to claim the reward.

”Sometimes people with information will wait it out to see how high the reward will go. This announcement sends a clear signal to those individuals that the reward will not go any higher – this is their last opportunity to claim the reward. After Tuesday an aggressive new round of investigations will begin, and we are determined to get to the truth in Shawn’s disappearance.” said Pamela Akers, Shawn’s mother.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Shawn Hornbeck Search & Rescue Command Center toll free at 866 400-5353 or you can visit the website at www.shawnhornbeck.com for additional methods of contact, including ways to anonymously submit your information.

February 16,2004 by Craig Akers, Shawn's Father

There are at least two other threads for Shawn Hornbeck :



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Jan-14-07, 00:40 AM (EST)
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In response to message #15
   Kirkwood, MO, suburb of ST. Luis, MO
January 11, 2007

Please view updates:

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