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May-17-03, 03:32 PM (EST)
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"Thomas depo 28 - 24/7 surveillance"
Q. Did you ever review reports of the officers that were with John and Patsy Ramsey on a 24-seven
basis from the time of the discovery of JonBenet's murder up until the time they left to go to Atlanta for
her burial? Did those officers provide the department with reports?

A. At least some did, yes.

Q. Did those reports contain discussions of the Ramseys' actions, conduct, and just conversations?

A. Yes.

Q. Those officers were there not only to possibly protect the Ramseys; they were there clearly also
to have the Ramseys under 24-seven surveillance to ascertain what they might say that might be
incriminatory, right?

A. Some of that; most of it was prior to my involvement in the case so I don't know what their
instruction was.

Q. What do you believe from your review of the records in terms of the reports that these officers

A. Certainly 24-seven security but these officers weren't going to ignore any statements or
comments by anyone that may be incriminating.

Q. These officers weren't sitting outside the door guarding the house. They were literally, as you
know from the reports, they were right there in the room with the Ramseys, right next to them
24-seven, weren't they?

A. I believe so.

Q. Which points a little bit more towards surveillance than guarding them, doesn't it, sir?

A. In your mind maybe; I don't know, I wasn't there.

Q. What about in your mind when you reviewed the reports particularly since you had the benefit of
the substance of what these officers were saying?

A. As I said, it's my belief that they were there 24-seven as security but also they certainly weren't
going to ignore any statements. You might ask John Eller about that.

Q. Well, if I have the opportunity he and a lot of others I would ask. You don't know who ordered
the guards 24-seven, do you, or the surveillance 24-seven, whichever the case may be, or some
combination of it?

A. I think John Eller.

Q. And from your review of the reports, do you have a recollection of seeing anything unusual about
the family's comments or conduct from these 24-seven police officers who were filing reports about

A. Yes, I remember they included in their narrative verbatim quotes made by the Ramseys and

Q. Do you recall any of those quotes?

A. I remember, I think it was in Chromiak's report about Patsy and her sisters praying, in another
report Patsy making a comment that she didn't want to live anymore, didn't have a reason to live
anymore. The comings and goings of the Ramseys, just a general recollection along those lines.

Q. Nothing in that that I'm hearing that sounds incriminatory, wouldn't you agree?

A. Again, without reviewing the reports, that's what comes to me off the top of my mind.

Q. Let me ask you about that. How many cases have you been involved in where you were
analyzing the demeanor and conduct of parents who had a child found murdered in their home; what
was your experience in that type of a case?

A. None.

Q. Do you have any experience, formal training, in how psychologically or otherwise one expects a
parent to grieve when a child has been murdered?

A. No.

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May-23-03, 04:53 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Thomas depo 28 - 24/7 surveillance"
In response to message #0
   Interesting to note - - no mention of John requesting his golf clubs...

Sounds to me like the Ramseys were devastated. We have heard fom others how they were acting like zombies, in shock, Patsy drugged and requiring help to use the bath.

But they weren't hiding from the cops or in a panic, refusing to talk to anyone. They were acting like I would think anyone would - - like parents experiencing the loss of a beloved child.

I can't imagine the BORG finding anything in this deposition that supports their case.

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Jun-14-03, 05:51 PM (EST)
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2. "Be honest"
In response to message #1
   You just did a terrible thing - - you ran over the kid next door - - I won't even make this hypothetical involve your own child. So you ran over the kid next door and in a panic you fled the scene - - and the child died becausehe didn't get help soon enough. His parents went looking for him and he died there in the yard in their arms. You knew the kid - - you like the family - - you are devastated.

You are so upset you know you have to take something to calm down - - valium or alcohol or something.

Oh, how guilty you feel - - this child is DEAD and you have never intentionally hurt a living thing.

But you MUST keep the secret - - you can't tell anyone - - you can't face charges, can't afford a lawyer - - you might lose your home, job, family.... what a terrible situation.

So answer this now....

Are you going to invite the cops to stay with you 24/7 while you are so upset and drinking or taking drugs to deal with the guilt?

I don't think so. I think you would just want to shut the door and avoid being with anyone who might sense your guilt or hear you say something that indicated guilt.

I don't think the Ramseys acted "guilty" at all.

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Jun-14-03, 06:57 PM (EST)
3. "There was nothing incriminating,"
In response to message #2
   or it would have been leaked. Patsy and her sisters praying--and Patsy saying her life was over? Nothing incriminating there! No one kicked the cops out of the house, either. I'm sure the Ramseys thought they were there to protect them....not to eavedrop on their most horrendous grief.

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