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Jan-22-08, 04:49 PM (EST)
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"for me"
   I want to read and comment on this bit found online....

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Jan-22-08, 05:27 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: for me"
In response to message #0
   Responding to article written by ACR

My draft on the "Lance Matthews Story"
as seen through the eyes and opinion of "ACandyRose"
Monday, July 26, 1999

When Lance Matthews first came to the Boulder News Forum in October 1998 he came as Lance Matthews using the hat name of "Matthews" and bidding that he had information about the Ramsey case which of course perked many ears on the forum message board. He was welcomed to a certain degree by some, including myself and others appeared suspicious of him and they did not give him a warm welcome. His said his goal was to promote J.T. Colfax, and his letters from jail, his artwork , his connection to the Ramsey case. Lance Matthews said he met Colfax in jail and they were cell buddies for a period. Matthews was in for some charge relating to selling herion and according to the Boulder newspaper archives he was classified as "the biggest heroin dealer in the area." Lance denies that he was a drug dealer. He does not deny that he used drugs and said he was in rehabilitation.

Yes, that seems right. He was fronting for JT Colfax who had stolen the morgue log with JonBenet's name on it - - he was also convicted of tampering with corpses he was hired to move for funeral homes.

Since Matthews logged onto a discussion forum that had to do with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, many of the cyber sleuths were suspicious of him and searched the newspaper archive records on the Internet to learn as much as they could about who he was. Much of that information was posted on the public forums. Although he had always said that Lance Matthews was his real life name others had found that information was not true and that he was actually using two different names, not that Internet posters personal real life names are important to some but later that was used against Matthews during various Internet poster wars. That personal information on Lance Matthews real name is not included in this story.

Yes, that seems right. Anyone posting was fair game to the BORG who sought out personal information - - yes, yes. (Most of us just wanted to discuss case and didn't play that game.)

Lance managed (or it was volunteered) to get the webmaster of the Redd Herring web site to put the Colfax police documents on the Internet. Later another (un-named) Internet poster helped Matthews set up the Tripod account and create the J.T. Colfax web site, pretty much the way Murphy from WebbSleiths helped Jameson set up her Timeline. Matthews asked me for help but I didn't have time and then another poster under the hat name of "Wiltonjr" took it over and became the webmaster.

Don't know - probably so.

Matthews jumped in with the BNF crowd to attack another poster under the hat name of "Jameson" and another under "Goethe2" who was also known as "Seal" on another forum and other WebbSleuths members, specifically another poster under the hat name of "Muni" who was also known as "Murphy" on the WebbSleuths Froum. Matthews was calling "Goethe2" names, one of which was "Nudules" and there appeared to be somewhat a personal war between them.

He joined the lynch mob for personal reasons - I know I didn't take his attacks personal - he was just joining the gang.

During this time, Matthews was posting J.T. Colfax's letters from the Boulder County jail on the BNF and many of those letters, that Matthews said were authored by J.T. Colfax and transcribed by Matthews, created an interaction via the posting message board with other posters on the Boulder News Forum. Both negative and positive messages were posted.

Colfax was an interesting character - and I think it is a shame he didn't take on the Ramsey case as a personal cause. Being where he was, with the contacts he had, maybe he could have made a difference.

On the Boulder New Forum, also called the BNF, Matthews was vocal in his choice of language but not as bad as he got by January 1999. I was a regular and active member of the Boulder News Forum from August 1998 through April 1999 when the forum closed and witnessed all of what occurred during that period.

Another poster hat named "Obsessor" was a problem for Matthews because "Obsessor" appeared to be convinced that J.T. Colfax wrote the ransom note and might have been involved with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and he even created a web page on that subject and went on and on posting at the BNF that he contacted the authorities about Colfax to have him further investigated. Matthews spent endless hours in rebuttal of Obsessor's postings out on the BNF. Both Matthews and Obsessor had lived in Boulder, Colorado so both were familiar with the town and knew mutual people who lived there.

I was also there - - it was rather like elementary school nastiness, as I recall. With no hall monitor, the forum was truly nasty.

That is when Lisa Flowers came into the picture. From Matthews, I had learned that Lisa was a good friend of this Obsessor in Boulder and had even kept a snail mail correspondence when apart for several years. Lisa and Obsessor shared a computer that was said to be at the college workshop for their e-mail accounts and access to the Internet forums. Lisa used the hat name of "Lflowers" on the BNF. Lisa didn't know Matthews personally but they had mutual friends and that is what got them corresponding. Lisa had posted a private message on the J.T. Colfax web page about who she was and who she knew and for Matthews to contact her. Matthews sent me a copy of that message the night Lisa posted it as he wondered if she was for real and the same person he knew via mutual friends. Matthews reported to me via e-mail again later that Lisa wrote to him that Obsessor broke into Lisa's e-mail account in Boulder and read Matthews letters which made both Matthews and Lisa angry.

Oh yeah. The mystery, the games, the pranks - - there was no end to the absurdities that were part of the ramsey case discussions.

Lisa Flowers then left Boulder and moved to New York to stay with Matthews. Many posters on the Boulders News Forum thought that Matthews and Lisa were boyfriend and girlfriend but they were only friends sharing mutual living arrangements. Matthews used some information that Lisa had in older private letters from Obsessor about Obsessor having pedophile thoughts and he used that information to obviously taint Obsessor on the BNF and in my opinion to basically discredit him, embarrass him and basically get rid of the poster hat of Obsessor. Obsessor also used the knowledge regarding Matthews deceased girlfriend Liz as a tool to hurt Matthews by posting that information on the forum with questioning whether Matthews was the one who dealt his girlfrie4nd that final overdose that she died of.. Several sources were noted that Obsessor also posted under the hat name of "JDillon" on the old BNF.

My mom can beat up YOUR Mom. Your Mom wears combat boots. I know where you live. I will tell how many bananas you ate when we were in Boulder in the Boulderado bathroom!! Scary stuff was in the air. Nothing to do with Ramsey - - just another sideshow.

The fighting on the BNF was so intense that late fall of 1998 that Lance Matthews posted on the Boulder News Forum that he was leaving the Internet forums for good. In his exit speech posting on the BNF, and with my personal help, the newspaper article information as well as the photograph of his deceased girlfriend, Liz Cook were posted on the BNF. The purpose, Matthews said, was to show that Liz was a real live person and a beautiful woman who didn't deserve what Obsessor was posting about her. But Matthews exit only last a week and his come back took him and Obsessor to posting on the WebbSleuths Community forum where they both got into long arguments about stuff they both knew about Boulder and the drug scene there on what they called, "the hill."

Too bad they didn't continue - in detail. Another thought - - It's too bad they didn't get together and go back to see if they might help solve this rather than just duke it out on the forums. THAT was a waste of time.

I had become acquainted with Matthews both through e-mail and on the telephone early in the fall of 1998 shortly after he logged online to the Internet. He admitted he just got out of jail and that he was living with his mother and young child and that he was not divorced from his estranged wife. He said he was a total newbie to the Ramsey case and the Internet and wanted help on understanding more about the case and then about the posters on the forums where he was promoting J.T. Colfax.

And ACR took him in - - but not for reasons I would have hoped.

He told me about his ex-girlfriend named Liz who died of an overdose in Boulder in October 1998. Matthews said he had been released from jail and moved to New York. He said he was going to send for her but she died instead. Her father evidently works for one of the law firms in relation to others who are associated with the Ramsey case. Obsessor and Seal on the WebbSleuths forum were the first to use the death of Liz as a written tool against Matthews accusing him of providing the drugs to Liz that caused her death. Several postings that included the words, "Matthews, the killer" were posted on the Internet forums by the poster known as "Seal."

Lance, like most of us, was naive when it came to the Internet and the fact that it harbors the true nasty people of the world who feel anonimity gives them the right to attempt to destroy those who get int heir way. I felt sorry for Lance, who was honest to a fault. He found his personal history used against him and he was honestly hurt as a result. Later on, some left because they couldn't take it. others understood and grew thicker skin.

Later in January 1999, another poster under the hat name of "Gsquared" also known as "G2" used that same information about Liz as her written tool to fight back during her personal war with Matthews.

Gail Gordon, an attorney at one point, was a truly vile and nasty person. One day her daughter will do her research and find Gsquared's old posts. She has my sympathy.

I knew something wasn't right when Matthews send me an e-mail last fall 1998 asking me if I would become a reference for Lisa Flowers to get an apartment in New York. I didn't even know Lisa Flowers much less to provide my own personal information to be put on an apartment application and I thought it was a bit strange that they would bid the aid of a complete stranger on the Internet as a reference. I never responded to give him an answer.

Don't know if this is true, but expect it may well be.

Then some other strange things happened that I still don't know the full details about even today. Matthews would e-mail me saying it was extremely important to call him at various motels in New York on different occasions. He would even tell me that the motel was registered in a totally different name that I didn't know. I fell for what appeared to be his "wolf cry" one time and called one of the motels and Matthews said he was there in the room with Lisa Flowers and all he appeared to want to do was chit chat on the telephone, long distance at my expense. There was no emergency that I could see. There was no reason for me to call a motel out of state. I had been informed via e-mail from the hat poster named "Gsquared" that she too had received e-mails form Matthews to also call various motels in New York and like me, she lacked the understand for the purpose. I didn't know what his game was and on this incident, I still don't.

He liked the attention. And he was building up a network of Ramsey people for a reason.

During October 1998, Matthews e-mailed many others including myself and including another poster named Samantha talking about how nice it would be to "let it rip" and be able to confront Jameson with what others called her "Ramsey Spin" that they called lies.

Samantha, LOL - another vile one. BORG queen in the early days who was terribly angry at my failure to comply with their bullying demands to join their "gang" - the BORG.

In the meantime, Matthews was diligently posting the J.T. Colfax jail letters on the Boulder News Forum as well as his now developing web site and other posters comments were being sent to Colfax in jail who in turn was writing back answers to be posted on the discussion forum creating what might have been the first time an inmate from a jail to continue an ongoing daily posting chat with others on the Internet.

Yep, we were breaking new ground, to be sure. Wild West doesn't begin to describe what was happening.

Then around November 1998, Matthews started e-mailing to Jameson and he would forward her e-mails to others (including myself) for a "good laugh" and to continue comments regarding being able to confront Jameson if the opportunity was made available.

Like a good politician, Lance was playing both sides of the field. He was very reasonable in his emails to me and I responded in kind. We talked case - and I found him to be a person I might call a friend.

The fact that he was sharing my emails doesn't surprise me, however. I knew he was in touch with the others and didn't care.

He called her "a delusional housewife in North Carolina." And he was also into major name calling war with Murphy and Goethe2/Seal on the BNF and had since added a few other Internet posters to his verbal war as did they.

He almost had to to stay in the good graces of the BORG queens. I understand that. But in truth, his actions were those of someone with a lot more class.

Then Matthews got involved with Dave Lucas, a radio show host out of Albany, New York and started acting as a guest host on the Dave Lucas Radio show. It appeared at first that he was on that show to only promote J.T. Colfax as his first and second show seemed to be more on that subject. Actually the radio shows were very good and it almost seemed that Matthews had missed is calling and should have been in the promotional business. He was pushing and promoting J.T. Colfax and the morgue photos that Colfax had taken and basically promised the Internet posters that they would all see the morgue photos some day on the Internet.

Yes, I agree with all she says here.

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Jan-22-08, 05:46 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: for me"
In response to message #1
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-22-08 AT 05:46 PM (EST)

I don't think there was one Internet poster who was waiting for that day and if anything that probably turned them off from following the J.T. Colfax story line. Lance's being a guest host on the Dave Lucas radio show drew mixed feelings but it did give some an opportunity to call in to the show and voice their opinions and with that opportunity to voice our opinions, Matthews would continue to stress that the posters should confront Jameson. I know he did with me.

I don't think that is true. He may have encouraged both sides to go on the program to state their cases, but he never seemed eager to have any confrontation. Not at all. he wanted people to talk and share - - never asked me to participate in any Jerry Springer like program. (I would have declined.)

By the December 22nd show, I called in to the radio station and discovered via Matthews that he had Jameson on another telephone line also which I was surprised about since she had always posted that she would never go public plus I hadn't realized that Matthews had advanced from just e-mail with her to talking to her on the telephone. I personally hadn't planned on talking to Jameson at all. I directed a question to a guest that was on the show who was a reporter but by the time my question was put on the air, that reporter had disconnected. Matthews then said he had another person qualified to answer the question and he put Jameson on. This was also the first time I personally realized Jameson was a woman or at least had the voice of a woman.

Lance had asked me to speak out as a supporter of the Ramseys. I understood there would be BORG on the program as well - - but there was NEVER any suggestion we battle it out in an undignified manner. Lance promised to treat all of us with respect, not to invite verbal attacks or battles - and he was a man of his word. I know the BORG hated that - - but he did the right thing.

I don't need to tell you how irritated I was at Matthews. My question had to do with J.T. Colfax whereas Matthews had posted on behalf of Colfax on the BNF that Lou Smit was part of the plea bargain agreement with Colfax. I wanted to ask this reporter his professional opinion regarding that but got Jameson instead who said Smit was not part of the plea bargain agreement and that he was just wandering around the court house that day and wandered into the plea bargain meeting because he was curious about who J.T. Colfax was.

I had heard the story straight from Lou and Matthews knew it. Who was honestly in a better position to answer the question? No one, I think. So Matthews did the right thing - - but the BORG was furious because Matthews was not attacking me, treating me with undeserved disrespect or allowing them to.

And what made me angry was that Matthews agreed with Jameson 100% after he had already posted on the BNF just the opposite. He made Jameson sound like she was this most important person on the whole case. He knew I was aggravated on the telephone that night and he kept coming back on the phone line with me and telling this was a "Christmas Special" and that no confrontations were allowed so basically he was telling me to shut up. He let Jameson tell her story about Lou Smit and the hall wandering incident into the plea bargain room for the whole audience to hear. I was livid and I posted this story on the BNF as a radio show commentary which did not get a good response from Matthews, Lisa Flowers and even Jameson.

Didn't deserve response, as I recall.)

Months later when I got a hold of the audio tapes from that show date I could hear Jameson bad mouthing others on this "Christmas Special " and even calling Mrs. Brady the lynch mob yet I was not allowed to confront Jameson on the Lou Smit plea bargain incident with J.T. Colfax. Later Lance said he checked with J.T. Colfax who verified that Smit was in fact part of the plea bargain agreement and although he posted that on the BNF he did not do a retraction on the Dave Lucas Radio show.

Colfax was wrong - it was just what he thought - - not a fact.

Then by the Dec. 30th radio show Matthews had Pam Paugh on which he claimed later that he would not have gotten except for his new friendship with Jameson.

True. When he treated me with respect she believed he would treat her the same. The BORG would have rathered we would be silent and let them fill the airwaves with their lies - - and when he took Matthews and Lucas up on their invitation to speak - - they were really mad. Stark raving mad. Rabid, in some cases.

Dave Lucas sold Matthews as the "Internet Personality on the Ramsey case" and Matthews sold Jameson as the "Historian of the Ramsey case on the Internet." Lance Matthews, along with Dave Lucas are the ones who pumped Jameson up and promoted her ego and she ate it up.

No, I have never been one with a lot of ego. Not at all. I just do what I think is right at the time and deal with the consequences as they come.

And Matthews used Jameson for his "radio show guest list" and Jameson used Matthews for her voice to represent the Ramsey spin team on the Internet to the world. They were a team and the Dave Lucas show was their mode of operation.

Not how I felt at all. The BORG had their time on the Lucas program. Both sides got their shot - - there were no "teams" that I was aware of. (Except Matthews and Lucas)

On the January 1st show, Matthews changed that one program agenda on the radio show format to be only callers from the Internet forums. He advertised that the show was suppose to be about the Internet posters and he encouraged everybody to call into the station that night. Many gathered in the WROW chat room that night, probably 50 posters and Lisa Flowers was playing the chat room moderator. The show went on the air at midnight and two posters disrupted Matthews agenda, one being Samantha who called into the show using the "Dminor" hat name and the other being Lori who was using the "LooLoo" hat name at the time. Evidently Matthews thought he could control the radio callers to the show and he found that he was not able to do that.

Interesting they felt they had to use different names - - and that they felt they had to disrupt Matthews' program.

Samantha, as "Dminor" made Internet forum history by calmly calling in and told the world that Jameseon was a liar and had pretended to be a man and deceived many other Internet posters and that she was part of the Ramsey Spin team and that others should basically take what Jameson says with a "grain of salt" so to speak Lori, as "LooLoo," tried also to call into the show but Lisa Flowers blocked her by suddenly saying that the shows agenda was switched from being about the Internet posters back to only discussing J.T. Colfax. Lori was not the only one angry and it was obvious that the radio show switch on the subject was because of the Dminor call in that upset Matthews.

As I remember, he didn't really want the show to be another Boulder News slugout with people telling lies about other posters. I think people should respect that.

After the show was over all hell broke out on the BNF and Matthews came out with a fury using filthy language against Samantha, Lori and Denver and a few others. Lisa Flowers also got involved and was attempting to defend herself as well as Matthews via the Boulder News Forum discussion board regarding the radio call in that was blocked from Lori.

Ah.... they failed to support the BORG and they had to pay. The BORG eat their own young when they don't conorm - - a lesson I saw taught LONG before Matthews came online.

The war began on the Boulder News Forum January 2, 1999 and to this day Matthews claims he did not draw "first blood." The other posters claim that Matthews started the war. Then on Jan 3rd, the J.T. Colfax web site was hacked and Matthews went totally berserk blaming the posters under the hat names of Wiltonjr, Denver, Samantha, Lori, Catnip and I think Beanie got thrown in there somewhere.

ACR is forgetting to tell how G2 and others sent Matthews money - - I think they had to be doubly angry after they paid for his loyalty and found he wouldn't bow down to their pressure. So they attacked, and he was really angry. I can't blame him - - but am pleased to note he put the blame where it belonged - - on the BORG as a group.

Matthews basically shoved Jameson down the throats of the BNF posters now that he had his key to the Ramsey show guests which he obviously felt was Jameson, in my opinion. As a poster on the BNF, Matthews brought a whole new meaning to the word vulgar. What most Internet forum and chat room posters called "flaming" turned into "street language" by Matthews standards. Personally, it is my opinion that he did J.T.Colfax more harm than good when his promotional efforts went from just promoting Colfax to also promoting Jameson.

He didn't promote me. He simply didn't attack me. And he didn't want to be the person hosting a show meant to attack me when there was much more to discuss - - like the case.

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3. "RE: for me"
In response to message #2
   For the first three weeks in January, it was hell on the BNF with Matthews filthy mouth on the forum and it drew out personalities from others to follow suit to join him and others to defend those he was attacking. It stopped only for a week during the "Tyzano Rape Hoax" incident the last week of January and while the BNF was closed the last week of January. The "Ramsey Bear Incident" distracted everybody for another week but by Valentine's day, Matthews was primed and he posted the most vulgar display on the JonBenet discussion forum of what he called his "Valentine Day Special" which was a story about a donkey and whores who he later named Scoobi and Gsquared, both of which were posting hats on the BNF.

I honestly never knew the details of the Tyzano rape hoax, didn't care to go there as it seemed like a game others were promoting to stir up trouble. But I have to admit I am sorry I missed the story about Scoobi and Gsquared. I might have gotten a much needed laugh out of that one. (So much for me being that close to Matthews - - he didn't tell ME the story.)

This was also during the time that Gsquared and Matthews began their own personal war out on the BNF and many posters then found out that Gsquared had paid Matthews $100. to post personal information of Denver, Jan, DianneE and Ruthee. As it was, Jan and DianneE were spared because of continued friendship with Matthews but not so with Denver and Ruthee. Gsquared claimed she gave Matthews the $100 to pay for his telephone bill but Matthews claimed she paid him to do a job which he and Lisa went to a Kinko's in Albany, New York and posted the personal information on the PLA board. Additional information was revealed during their posting war on the BNF that Gsquared had also arranged for Matthews to post personal information on the BNF about Denver during the fall of 1998. Gsquared also reported that she had paid for a promotional gig and or transportation that Lance Matthews had arranged in New York for J.T.Colfax, the "Ramsey the Klown" promotion.

I suspect there was more paid for than that - a lot more. But I can't prove it so will simply say - - I have very strong suspicions based on info sent by people involved.

During this poster war between Matthews and Gsquared, many e-mails had been passed to others, including myself, who were part of an e-mail group, many of which were using hotmail accounts. There were suspicions at the time that Gsquared's hotmail account had been hacked or that a "mole" existed who was passing information and she put that direct blame on Matthews via the BNF forum message board. The key evidence that was used to further the accusations was when Matthews posted one of J.T. Colfax's letters on the BNF whereas Colfax was talking via the message board about actually reading an e-mail whereas a poster known as "Wiltonjr" was suppose to have made a comment about putting the Colfax promotional flyers on the Ramsey property, which would create a direct violation of Colfax probation.

Ah yes, they were all playing games. Note that I was not part of any of the nastiness - - I have never been into those games. I have always been focused on the case and not the posters. My commenting on these things now is not the norm, but being done for a reason. I have been asked to comment and explain and chose this way to do it - - to respond to this page once, post it and leave it here for future researchers.

Some posters were so angry at Matthews during this period that they literally threatened to contact both his mother and his PO officer and that information was even posted on the BNF for others to follow suit.

By the BORG - - yes, thay play that game - - many have been hurt by their games, but they want to forget all that. Instead they accuse ME of using people's personal info to cause trouble. In truth, I have caused trouble for few posters - - and then only by returning email to their place of employment with a request they stop the attacks from their computers.

Many other posters on the BNF who were not directly involved with the Matthews/Gsquared/Wiltonjr war posted many messages begging them to stop the war and take their disagreements to private e-mail but that didn't happen. In direct retaliation, bogus hat names were created on the BNF who posted personal information about Gsquared and Wiltonjr referencing them both as being gay and or being in unconventional relationships and with obvious intention to cause as much harm to their personal lives as was the information posted about Matthews.

Wilton never hid the fact that he was gay. When he first joined the forums, we met and he took me to a gay bar for a drink. he hid nothing. When he posted that we met and he thought I was a nice woman, totally credible and even a friend, they attacked - - and the poor guy caved. The next posts described me as nasty, dirty, pushy, unreasonable and, as I recall, flatulant. Well, I felt bad that they were so hard on him but... that was how things were back then.

As for gSquared, she posted some very slutty things, as I recall. Including her plans to go to Boulder and sleep with ... certain people. Did she do it? I would venture a guess that she did - - but that is just an educated guess and she would surely deny it for the sake of her husband and child. Still, her own words made her sound like a whore in my mind. When her daughter finds them, i expect she will feel the same way.

Of course Matthews denies he created any of the bogus hats and the personal war went on. This was during the time that Lisa Flowers left the BNF and did not appear to be posting on any forums for quite some time. When posters asked about Lisa, Matthews said she was working long hours and was not able to post on the Internet forums.

I don't know about his posts - we weren't in cahoots on any of that - - not of any interest to me.

The day after that "Valentine Day Special" Matthews and Jameson went on a special Dave Lucas radio show and bad mouthed posters like Gsquared, Wiltonjr, LooLoo (Lori), Samantha and a community hat known as "Copier" as well as others to the radio audience. It was a three hour special and I, personally not only recorded it and encoded it to RealAudio but I transcribed it and it is completely on my ACandyRose web site. In my opinion, it was a horrible display of Matthews and Jameson playing the victims and as Matthews said on that show that day, "It is his best role." Only Lori as LooLoo called in to the radio show that night to attempt to voice her opinion and tell Matthews what she thought of him and his victim role. Dave Lucas referred to Lori as "one of the Internet cowards." That "Valentine Day Special" and the February 15th radio show changed a lot of poster opinions about Matthews. Many had refused to listen to any further radio shows that Matthews was on and refused to go to the now rebuilt Colfax web site.

Not as I remember it, but this is her page, her POV and she is entitled to it.

Matthews keep a low profile during the month of March as did the poster known as Gsquared. There were other incident stories regarding Gsquared in addition to her war with Matthews that are not included within this story. Many thought that both Matthews and Gsquared has left the Internet forums but when both posters came back to the BNF in April, their personal war was revived. Matthews had posted all of Gsquared personal and professional information on a message board that was listed as being the J.T. Colfax's message board that appeared to be run by the PLA (Phone Losers of America).

One of the nastiest boards around. No one knew who was really posting and people were going for the throat much of the time.

I was not part of any of it.

There were messages on that board that were authored by hat names that where the same as dead peoples names who Colfax had talked about in his letters that were posted on the BNF by Matthews. Gsquared, now under a different hat name of "Weekends" brought this to the BNF posters attention and it seemed that it was shortly after that, that the BNF went into full chaotic and uncontrollable strange poster hat names obviously bent on destroying the Boulder News Forum. There was no proof that Matthews was part of this chaotic distruction but some Internet posters were convinced that Matthews had called in his PLA buddies to destroy the forum.

Nah, it was Samantha who brought in the PLA. I remember that much. But later she was the one victimized.

Other posters including one named Bayou was attacked and some of the most filty threads I had ever witnessed were created on the BNF at that time. Matthews disappeared from the forums somewhat and only seem to make occasional posting on the WebbSleuths forum in relation to another letter from J.T.Colfax to report an unknown party that had taken place the night of the murder. By April 18th, the JonBenet Ramsey discussion forum was destroyed and the Boulder New Forum closed for good.

Good riddance. Unmonitored, it was pure evil.

Lance Matthews then appeared to make a come back with the new and improved web site for J.T. Colfax that was removed from the now defunct Tripod account to be housed on the www.sunnyday.com server owned by Tara who now appeared to be a friend of Matthews. Matthews did continue for a while to post the Colfax letters on a single thread on the WebbSleuths Forum but even that appeared to have a diminishing interest from the regular JonBenet forum posters and a lot of it had to do with their attitudes toward both Matthews and Colfax. And J.T. Colfax writing style seemed to be different also and adding a lot of French phrases. In the middle of April, Matthews connection to the Dave Lucas radio also ceased from existing when an announcement was made that Dave Lucas was in an automobile accident and his regular scheduled show was subsequently cancelled. Some Internet posters were suspicious regarding Dave's exit and especially after Lance announced that he was creating a new Internet radio show with a partner named Dan who used the hat name of "Rushnut" on the Internet forums.

I was out of the picture by then. Running WebbSleuths and chatting occasionally with Matthews. No idea what was happening with the internet nastiness elsewhere.

Word on the Internet chat rooms was also out that Lance Matthews and Lisa Flowers had split up and had physically moved in separate directions although they both were still in the Albany, New York area. Matthews had been announcing that he was moving forward with his new radio show and also the release date for J.T. Colfax was scheduled for July 13, 1999 and Lance was sending out e-mail advertisements of which I received a copy announcing some type of celebration in Boulder called the "Noodle March" the day Colfax got out of jail. Reports were told via the Internet that Lance Matthews and an unknown woman who later was identified as Tara from www.sunnyday.com met Colfax when he was released from jail on the 13th. But it wasn't until the 16th of July that posters from the Internet forums realized there was a problem with the relationship between J.T. Colfax and Lance Matthews.

The Internet isn't all-seeing, all-knowing. Not even the BORG. They knew just what Lance wanted them to know - and no more. But Colfax was just starting.

J.T. Colfax went on the Peter Boyles show on Friday, July 16, 1999 which was aired live on the Internet and told the audience that Lance Matthews had been tape recording a telephone call he had with Pam Paugh, Patsy Ramsey's sister. Colfax said Matthews played that recording to him over the jail phone and within that recording Pam Paugh was suggesting that both Matthews and Colfax go to the Governor's office in Colorado with information on other inmates from the Boulder County jail as alternative suspects in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. J.T. Colfax also indicated on that radio show with Peter Boyles that he wanted others to know he was separating himself from Matthews over some "control issues" and also wanted separated from the Ramsey case as a whole. That Peter Boyles radio show was transcribed by a poster known as the hat of "Panico" and posted on the Justice Watch forum.

Colfax went on Boyles show to say he wanted to be left out of the ramsey discussion - - isn't that absurd???

On the flip side, and in direct opposition of the Colfax story on the Peter Boyles show, sources indicate that Matthews was reported as telling others on the Internet that he did not record what Colfax claimed he recorded from the telephone conversation with Pam Paugh. In addition to there being a separation with Colfax and Matthews there also appeared to be a separation with Matthews and Tara where the J.T.Colfax web site was housed at the sunnyday.com domain as the entire web site and all associated links were removed from that domain shortly after that Peter Boyles radio broadcast. It is not known if that web site was removed by Matthews or Tara.

A shame since Matthews actually was having converations with Pam. But the BORg wanted him quashed and he was.


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