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unregistered user
Aug-19-06, 05:48 PM (EST)
   Several years ago I recall watching a program in which someone (sorry to be so vague but I am sure one (or more of you) will remember this) suggested that the SBTC referenced some sort of religious group that Patsy Ramsey was associated with. Whatever happened to that theory?

I don't happen to think that PR killed her daughter, but I wonder if there isn't a link between Patsy's religious views and this killing. Also, in looking at the note left on the stairs, I wondered if the killer wasn't a college student. There is something about the cadance of the letter that strikes me as being written by someone who had a college education. The spelling also seemed contrived, given the grammar of the writing--which if I recall correctly was pretty good.

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unregistered user
Aug-19-06, 07:30 PM (EST)
1. "RE: SBTC"
In response to message #0
   My feeling is that the ransom note was written out of boredom, of waiting for the night when Jonbenet could be gotten. (Remember the paper missing, perhaps scrap), To me, this note was written by a young white male, not particularly educated, part of the media culture - with references to movies ("don't try to grow a brain"). "A small foreign faction" is a sign of a not particularly sophisticated individual, repeating what he has read somewhere else, in the movies or TV probably.
I also believe that the actual molester may have been an accomplice of the note-writer (who may be dead) so don't make too much of comparing handwriting.

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