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Aug-18-06, 10:46 AM (EST)
"Child brides and home-birth babies"
Annulment after marriage to 13-year-old

Few people seemed to know Karr well in Alabama, yet his marriage to young brides generated plenty of talk.

Court records show a 14-year-old girl sought an annulment of their "ceremonial marriage" in 1985, claiming she feared for her life when she agreed to wed him in 1984, when she was just 13 and he was 19.

Karr admitted she was a minor, documents show, but he disputed she was 13. A judge granted the annulment, and they didn't have any children.

Karr later married Lara Karr, who was 16 when their twin daughters died the day they were born on Sept. 1, 1989. The girls, Angel and Innocence Karr, are buried in the cemetery of a rural church in a family plot.

Twins die after home birth

Former Sheriff A.C. Tice and others recalled the death of the newborns partly because of the circumstances: They were born at home rather than in a hospital.

"It seems he delivered his children at home," said Probate Judge Annette Bozeman. She said Karr was in her office frequently working on car titles.

"He had a used car business. We saw him quite often. He was a very polite fellow, but he was a little unusual," she said.

Originally from Atlanta, Karr came to live with his grandparents in Hamilton around age 12. Records indicate he remained in town through the fall of 2000, when Lara Karr transferred her voter registration to California.

Lara Karr told KGO-TV in California that she and her former husband were in Alabama when JonBenet was killed. She said she does not believe he was involved in her death.

Former neighbor Billy Compton recalled John and Lara Karr as a nice, young couple who sometimes visited his home. He had a hard time believing Karr's confession in the death of the Colorado girl.

"I'd say he didn't do it myself. He just wasn't that kind of guy," said Compton.

Karr was enrolled in the elementary education program at the University of North Alabama from the spring semester 1998 until the spring of 2000, said UNA spokesman Bill Jarnigan. He said Karr was majoring in early childhood education in nursery through third grade.

Jarnigan said Karr dropped out in spring 2000 while taking the elementary education student internship at Kilby School in Florence, where students get experience teaching in a fifth-grade classroom. Karr left UNA without graduating and the school did not recommend him "for licensure or certification" as a teacher, Jarnigan said.

Issues over relationship with girls in class

Karr left the program abruptly when issues were raised about his classroom performance, said Sandra Ford, a retired fifth-grade teacher at Kilby who supervised Karr's internship.

"We had some issues with him and I notified him that a meeting was being scheduled with him, the department head and others to discuss those issues," Ford told the TimesDaily newspaper in Florence.

Ford said the issues she questioned included Karr's relationship with girls in the class.

"I had some concerns about him early on because of the way he wanted to relate to my female students," Ford said. "During break time, he often sat on the carpet in the classroom with the girls while they were eating snacks. It gave me a bad feeling."


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unregistered user
Aug-18-06, 10:54 AM (EST)
1. "RE: Child brides and home-birth babies"
In response to message #0
   I think it's interesting that the 13-yr old bride was "in fear for her life"...and that they had a ceremonial marriage....

and twin girls who he may have insisted be born at home...in 1989 he would have been 23/24 yrs old...marrying a 16 yr old.

Twisted, twisted, twisted....although, we all knew that JonBenet's killer would be a sick sick man...

But the question is...is this particular sicko the One?

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