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Aug-16-06, 08:51 PM (EST)
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Long before blogging became a household word, Web sites showed a perennial fascination with the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

Part of it was timing: The story broke in 1996, just as the Internet's boom was reaching the mainstream public, and it quickly became one of the hottest topics on the new medium. In fact, the Ramseys themselves turned to the Internet in one of the first coordinated efforts at crisis management online after becoming frustrated with their portrayal in the press.

Perhaps because of these parallel origins, the case was followed with extraordinary scrutiny on the Web long after it faded from headlines and broadcasts. Some bloggers even credit the Internet for keeping pressure on investigators, through active sites that ranged from JonBenet memorials to amateur sleuthing.

Blog community response:

"JonBenet's murder is one of the most enduring unsolved crimes of the last 100 years. There are a lot of reasons for this, but two of them are the nature of news coverage after about 1980 or so, and the Internet."
--Huff's Crime Blog

"And the moral of the story is ... never stop investigating."

"If it's true and this guy did it, all of America pop culture will owe John and (the late) Patsy Ramsey one huge apology. Let's face it...we all thought they did it. They were found guilty in pop culture's court of law. What now?"

"Seriously, I think it's so tragic that after all this time and everyone believing that the Ramsey's were behind the murder of their little girl, the truth will finally be told. But, too late for JonBenet's mom--as she passed away in June. I'm all for the right to privacy--but if this man's DNA had been in a National Database, this case could have been solved years earlier."
--Nicole on MySpace Blogs

Posted by Mike Yamamoto

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unregistered user
Aug-16-06, 10:52 PM (EST)
In response to message #0
   Seems only appropriate the arrest was made because of the Internet!


A suspect has been arrested for the 1996 Colorado murder of "child beauty queen" JonBenet Ramsey, after online communication led authorities to his whereabouts in Thailand. Snip from CNN report:

A law enforcement source identified the suspect as 41-year-old John Mark Karr, a one-time schoolteacher and American citizen who has lived in Conyers, Georgia. Karr has confessed to some elements of the crime, law enforcement sources told CNN. The sources added that Karr had been communicating with someone in Boulder and that online investigation played a key role in leading authorities to the suspect.

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Aug-17-06, 08:10 AM (EST)
2. "An Apology Owed"
In response to message #1
   I think Steve Thomas, Henry Lee, and all those LE officials should have to get on their knees on BROKEN GLASS and crawl from Boulder all the way to Patsy & JonBenet's graves and beg John for his forgiveness.

Never in the history of mankind has a couple been so unjustly vilified, crucified in the press, put on trial in the court of public opinion and been found guilty so unfairly.

I can't wait to find out if this guy is the one who broke into the vacation home and stayed overnight in JonBenet's bed a few months before the murder....I can't wait for this guy to FRY! He is the lowest of all possible scum....

On Glenn Beck last night, he asked the question: Where does John Ramsey go to get his reputation back?

Indeed. All the media pundits who were so quick to point at John and Patsy need to get on TV and eat some serious crow....not act as if they knew all along it was an intruder.

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unregistered user
Aug-17-06, 08:11 AM (EST)
3. "RE: An Apology Owed"
In response to message #2
   Oh, and all the BORG too....get on your knees on broken glass and start crawling....

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