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Feb-04-04, 06:25 PM (EST)
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"Unsourced palm print AND finger prints"
   This is from Mark Beckner's deposition - - and I ask you to think about this -- if the palm print was really identified as Melinda's, then why were they checking Wolf's years later?????

And note that there were unidentified finger prints as well - we still don't know where they were from.

1 VIDEO TECHNICIAN: We're on the record at

2 approximately 10:20 a.m.

3 Q (BY MR. WOOD) You indicated, Chief

4 Beckner, that in 1997 with respect to -- late 1997,

5 you submitted some handwriting and possibly some

6 fingerprints to CBI with respect to Chris Wolf.

7 We've covered the handwriting, haven't we, that we

8 talked about earlier that Chet Ubowski gave reports

9 on a couple of occasions?

10 A Yes.

11 Q Now, what about -- you say possibly some

12 fingerprints. Did you in fact obtain fingerprints

13 from Chris Wolf?

14 A Again, I just want to clarify I'm going by

15 memory from almost four years ago. But yes, I recall

16 that we had fingerprints from Chris Wolf.

17 Q And were they submitted to CBI?

18 A Yes.

19 Q For comparisons to what?

20 A To evidence taken at the scene. Any

21 fingerprints that we had, any prints whatsoever that

22 we had at the scene.

23 Q Okay. And did you ever -- well, you go on

24 to say you obtained some handwriting exemplars in

25 1998. That would have been different from the


1 initial handwriting?

2 A I believe so. I'm, you know --

3 Q And some palm prints --

4 A -- the best of my recollection.

5 Q Okay. Do you remember what the results

6 were that came back on the fingerprints from CBI with

7 respect to Mr. Wolf?

8 A No match.

9 Q Would I be safe then to say that across

10 the board that would be true?

11 A Yes.

12 Q If you had a match from someone you

13 wouldn't have expected to be in the house, we would

14 probably all know about it.

15 The palm print, again, you took a palm

16 print left and right from Mr. Wolf, submitted those

17 to CBI?

18 A I know we took palm prints.

19 Q Were they submitted to CBI?

20 A Yes.

21 Q Again, for comparison to what you believe

22 were palm prints taken from the crime scene?

23 A Yes.

24 Q Did you take both the left and the right

25 hand palm print from Mr. Wolf?


1 A I don't know for sure.

2 Q Do you know what you would have expected

3 to be done in that regard?

4 A Both, I would have expected.

5 Q Both.

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Feb-04-04, 11:27 PM (EST)
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1. "Considering the numbers of people"
In response to message #0
   that had been in the house that month, I would expect them to find a lot of fingerprints from unknowns. The perp left a lot of other clues behind....perhaps some fingerprints, too. If he had his gloves off at some point, he may have known enough to try to erase fingerprints, but did not know about palm prints, thinking they couldn't be traced.

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Feb-05-04, 08:43 AM (EST)
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2. "Routine."
In response to message #1
   If a right index finger print is found at a crime scene and the cops turn up a suspect, they don't try to get his right fingerprint and compare it. They try to get him printed. That means all the normal stuff. Each finger individually, all fingers in one box, etc.

I don't however think that a 'standard fingerprinting' involves inking the palm of the hand. Now if it does, then we really can't draw conclusions from it, but if I am correct that palms are not normally inked, then the fact that the cops obtained a palm print from some sort of 'suspect' is indeed significant.

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