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#0, Bits of "Hey, Rube"
Posted by jameson on Mar-25-03 at 03:11 PM

The play is not available as far as I know. It would be up to Janet McReynolds to share or publish it - I can not. But I can publish a couple pages for discussion. I have done that now and will share no more.

I think when people see bits of the play they can see why the police were interested in following up a bit on the McReynolds.

#1, RE: Bits of "Hey, Rube"
Posted by Mikie on Mar-25-03 at 04:10 PM
In response to message #0
It's a ****ing pile of ****.

#2, RE: Bits of "Hey, Rube"
Posted by jameson on Mar-25-03 at 06:25 PM
In response to message #1
But it was performed off-Broadway somewhere - - - guess it was a time of heavy acid for some.

The play is not a blueprint for the Ramsey murder, but it is interesting when you consider the author was with JonBenét just days before her death and she and her husband WERE looked at during the early days.

Their daughter was abducted exactly 22 years before JonBenét's body was found. She was not killed but... the man who did that was never identified or prosecuted. I wonder what that experience did to all the kids in that family.

I knowsome will flame me for that but let's remember how Stephen Staynor was abducted, retuned home and HIS brother was affected - - he ended up a serial killer. (Or would he be a spree killer? I am not sure.)

#3, RE: Bits of "Hey, Rube"
Posted by Mikie on Mar-25-03 at 07:07 PM
In response to message #2
If you think of the "staging" like the ransom note and suitcase under the window and other things like the crushed angel ornament and the santa letter, all as a part of a "play" then you might think about who would have thoughts of such a "performance".

#4, smashing the skull
Posted by Myself on Mar-25-03 at 08:56 PM
In response to message #3
The bit about smashing the skull was interesting.

#5, RE: smashing the skull
Posted by jameson on Mar-25-03 at 09:46 PM
In response to message #4
I don't know who did the writing on the script but this was a copy of what the cops had and the notations could be from the BPD.

The whole play was just strange. And the theory put forward by the killer is that the victim really orchestrated the whole thing - set it all up and was the one responsible in the end.

#6, Was Santa being set up?
Posted by Maikai on Mar-25-03 at 10:52 PM
In response to message #5
Who knew:

About the McReynold's daughter's abduction on the same day 22 years earlier?

That Mrs. McReynolds had been a movie critic?

about the play she wrote?

That Santa McReynold's was at the Ramsey house on the 23rd?

Remember...Bill McReynolds was a very well-known Santa Claus on Pearl Street--in fact a newspaper article appeared in the paper about him dropping in on someone shortly before the murder of JBR. The article pointed out he was being filmed for a Charles Kuwalt (sp?) special.

Jung says there are no coincidences.

Santa was all about good cheer and good will---and to have this crime taken place on Christmas Day, of all days of the year, totally violates all he stands for.

Murder at Christmas is a common theme---written about by many mystery writers---some quite well known.

Article that appeared in the paper on 12/23/96, below:

Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)
December 23, 1996
Section: MAIN
Edition: FIRST
Page: 1A
Jason Gewirtz Camera Staff Writer
Caption: PHOTO:
By Crissy Pascual Daily Camera
DROPPING BY: Penny Happs, center, can't hide her joy at being paid a random visit by Bill McReynolds as Santa Claus, right. McReynolds sat with Happs' 18-year-old son, Jake.

Five minutes after he walked into her house Sunday night, Penny Happs had stopped screaming - but her hands were still shaking. Happs had always wanted to meet the real Santa Claus, who dropped by her Cana Court house unannounced Sunday night after admiring the festive light display outside.

"I can't believe this is happening," Happs said, a grin as big as the long stocking hanging from her staircase. "Imagine my surprise when I hear a knock on the door and here's the real Santa."
Bill McReynolds, who as Santa Claus has warmed the hearts of thousands of people on the Downtown Mall the past three years, took some time Sunday to make random visits to several houses with attractive holiday displays. McReynolds, who has considerably scaled down his Santa schedule since major surgery in August, was followed this weekend by the watchful eyes of a camera crew that will feature Santa Claus on a nationwide broadcast next year.

McReynolds will be profiled on a new television series called "An American Moment with Charles Kuralt," which will be hosted by the veteran CBS reporter who has traveled the nation searching for interesting people. McReynolds' segment, part of an hour-long special, will air sometime around Christmas 1997. The program won't be the first national television exposure for McReynolds, who several years ago began growing his authentic white beard. Two years ago, he was featured on a CBS "Eye on America" segment proclaiming him the real Santa Claus.

The 66-year-old retired University of Colorado professor decided to scale down his Santa schedule this year - including his Downtown Mall duty - after having surgery to replace the aortic valve of his heart. The surgery left him 60 pounds lighter, but his spirit is perfectly intact.

And for those who see him, he's still the real deal.

The television film crew that followed McReynolds around Saturday and Sunday caught him preparing to be Santa in his Rollinsville cabin, collecting donations at his church, performing at a private party and going door to door surprising people whose light displays caught his attention.

"The man has a gift," said Derek Reich, a free-lance photographer from Boulder who filmed McReynolds. "Just to see the response - kids and adults alike, they seem to be truly moved by his spirit."

For McReynolds, visiting individual homes days before Christmas is a relatively new event. Last year he walked in on a party in Lafayette and after being offered cookies, milk and warm hospitality, he thought he'd try it again.

"This is the activity I've always wanted to do," he said, looking for houses from behind the wheel of his white Honda Civic, which he drove to give his sleigh the night off.

The first stop on Santa's tour was a house on Bass Circle basking in the glow of luminescent gingerbread figures, a snowman, candles, candy canes, a manger scene - even a replica of Santa himself, reindeer included.

Four-year-old Jessica Garcia smiled widely and offered a "Hi Santa!" when the man entered the room. She clutched a plush white teddy bear while reciting a five-minute list of things she wanted for Christmas.

At Santa's next stop, Happs had difficulty controlling her emotions, dumbfounded by why Santa Claus had picked her house to visit.

"He's perfect - he's it," she said, turning to look at everyone in the room. "Look at him. Look at his eyes - they twinkle."

Santa sang Jingle Bells with Happs and her son, politely declined a slice of pizza and went on his merry way. But not without making a lasting impression.

"As far as I'm concerned, he's Santa Claus," said Jake Happs, 18. "Not so much the twinkling eyes and the beard. He knows what Santa Claus is all about. Santa's really about giving love and peace to everybody."

#7, things santa did
Posted by jameson on Mar-25-03 at 10:57 PM
In response to message #6
from the 1998 interview:

JOHN RAMSEY: .... We have some letters from him. We have a tape from him .... ....... it was a tribute to JonBenet or something like that. And apparently it starts out nice and then it gets up into this... you left Santa Claus and, you know, went to all those fancy things and you came back to Santa Claus. ....... very weird. He wrote me a letter saying that he carved JonBenet's name in a harp, it had the name of three other little girls that died early.

If Santa was looked at closely, it was because of his own actions.

#8, Janet had this to say...
Posted by jameson on Mar-27-03 at 08:09 PM
In response to message #7
"...a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News uncovered what he
considered "strange" coincidences between our family history and the
JonBenet murder.
The first coincidence: Our daughter, along with her best friend, was
abducted in 1974, when she was 9 years old.
The two girls were lured into a car and driven into the countryside, where
our daughter witnessed the molestation of her friend.
Our daughter probably saved her own life and her friend's by stubbornly
resisting the perpetrator's attempts to force her out of the car so he could
be alone with the other girl.
Finally the man had a change of heart. He wept and said, "The devil
made me do it." He drove the girls back to the edge of town and released
The crime took place on Dec. 26, the same date as JonBenet's murder 22
years later.
The second coincidence: I once wrote a play, "Hey, Rube," about the
torture and murder of a young girl.
Boulder police asked me to come in for interrogation. They took samples
of my handwriting, hair and fingerprints. I handed over a copy of my play.
At first glance the play, written in 1976 and last produced in 1978 in New
York City, seems to have little similarity to the murder of 6-year-old
JonBenet Ramsey.
"Hey, Rube" was suggested by the murder of a teenage girl in
Indianapolis in 1965. The setting is the trial of the woman accused of the
Through court testimony and flashbacks, the play examines the victim's
last months, asking the basic question: Why did she have to die?
My character, Anna, and her crippled sister were left by their parents,
carnival people, to board with the woman who was eventually found guilty
of Anna's murder.
Anna in some unfathomable way seems to have cooperated in her own
death. There is a strong suggestion of prior incest with her father, which
had left her irreparably damaged and unable to defend herself against the
In the Indianapolis case, the victim was tortured over a period of months,
and a whole neighborhood was implicated. Five people were convicted.
In my play, the accused murderer says, "She taunted me into killing her.
She wanted to die."
That of course is a subjective judgment. Did the girl "want" to die, or did
she unwillingly become a scapegoat for her killers?
Did she, in the primitive language of the tribe, "deserve to die"?
By the same primitive thinking, has little JonBenet become a scapegoat? "

#9, RE: Janet had this to say...
Posted by Mikie on Mar-27-03 at 10:14 PM
In response to message #8
In the Sylvia Liken's case after months of torture, she had the opportunity to run away. She had in fact left the home, but came back because she feared her little sister would then become the focus of the ones who tortured her. In fact her death was not necessarily intentional. She was hit on the head with a broomstick, but after months of beatings and torture. Later she was found to have died from it. There were several people involved in the torture. Her death was more like a blessing as an end to her suffering. Those involved seemed to have no morals nor guilt.

#10, did the killer write something?
Posted by jameson on Apr-16-03 at 09:55 AM
In response to message #9
I understand there have been several "writers" considered suspects by people around them. Remember "Nancy"? She claimed she helped her friend write the story and herself wrote the note. Says her friend left HER note at the Ramsey house. Others have said other books, published and unpublished, were the blueprint.

Personally I find this very interesting.

I have yet to see the one that fits the bill - -

Nancy can't place her "friend" in Colorado and handwriting experts have apparently NOT made a match there.

I thought Craig Silverman looked like a real idiot when he suggested Patsy killed JonBenét because her name rhymed with Shari Faye, a victim in a John Douglas book that was NOT found in the Ramsey house.

Unpublished books that have sexual assaults or a garrote just aren't close enough - - sorry.

But that doesn't mean the killer didn't write anything. I think we may find the killer had a journal, wrote letters....

#11, RE: did the killer write something?
Posted by Cathy on Apr-18-03 at 11:30 AM
In response to message #10
Thank you for posting that. It was a real eye opener to see it.

I am struck by how creepy and sick it is. Anyone who could write this is (in my opinion) just not right. It gave the creeps!
It has been said that the McReynolds have been cleared, but are the police 100% sure? There are just too many coincidents and like the other poster said--there are no coinidences.
Also, I never heard that part where John was talking about Santas actions after JonBenet's death.
I am now leaning towards Janet killing JonBenet for some twisted reason to get back at Bill. Does anyone know what the police did to look into this angle?

#12, RE: did the killer write something?
Posted by jameson on Apr-18-03 at 11:55 AM
In response to message #11
Personally, I don't think either Bill or Janet did this - - as weird as they may have been, there is no evidence that they ever neglected or abused any child or hurt anyone. I just don't know of any motive for them. My gut says no, not them.

But there was a lot of interesting stuff that linked them to the Ramseys - - they knew the family, Bill had a very intense interest in JonBenét (witness the letter saying he would bring HER glitter into surgery) - - the 26th was the anniversary of their own daughter's abduction....

I am not accusing anyone but I hope the cops checked the sons of the McReynolds - especially the one with a criminal record. I believe he robbed a gas station, got all of $118. Was HE somehow jealous of children who got the attention of his parents?

I just think that is a lead that needs to be followed.

#13, RE: Was Santa being set up?
Posted by DonBradley on Apr-18-03 at 12:38 PM
In response to message #6
Its very hard to 'set up' someone successfully unless you know what their normal routine is. If one credit card or ATM transaction or one speeding ticket can give them an alibi you have to know what their normal situation will be. Some toll call record or some pizza delivery kid may be a slender alibi support but its all that is needed.

So if anyone was trying, even half heartedly, to set up McSanta et. ux., then it would not only be someone who knew of McSanta and the items likely to link him to the crime but also knew something of his normal routine and knew he would not then be at an orphanage playing Santa to 200 alilbi witnesses.

#14, Targeting
Posted by DonBradley on Apr-18-03 at 04:45 PM
In response to message #0
Although I certainly see a good deal of 'targeting' in this case, there are doubts.

Anyone who attempted to frame the McSantas would have to know of them, know a good deal about them, know a good deal about their normal routines at the holiday times and ofcourse know a good deal about the Ramseys too.

I don't think the McSantas were in fact targets of some frame job or even a half-hearted frame job to deflect attention from the real perpetrator.

I'm fairly certain that the McSantas are a bit strange and perhaps no where near what they seem to be, but that they were not pedophiles or murderers.

#15, RE: were not/are not?
Posted by Evening2 on Apr-18-03 at 04:53 PM
In response to message #14
Every criminal "was" NOT a criminal before they "were" one.

#16, Bill and Janet's daughter
Posted by candle on Apr-19-03 at 09:23 AM
In response to message #15
You don't hear much about Bill and Janet's daughter, the victim of kidnapping and witness to a molestation.

I wonder if Bill and Janet got this girl therapy after the ordeal she went through. If not, she may not have worked through the mental trauma and may be suffering from mental illness. I always hear about the sons of Bill and Janet, but never the daughter. The daughter and a male friend (male DNA) could be involved.

To go through what this girl went through and then to have a mother who would write a play about sexual abuse and torture of a young girl would have to have a negative effect on a young woman-child.

Where is this woman and why don't we ever hear or talk about her.

Childhood trauma can lead to Borderline Personality Disorder which can effect a person to different degrees depending on the person. It can be a extremely serious mental affliction.

#17, The daughter apparently
Posted by Maikai on Apr-19-03 at 09:32 AM
In response to message #16
is married, with kids, and living her life, without a lot of baggage from her abduction experience. McReynolds lived and taught in that area for a long time---stories about his life may have been common knowledge in some circles. The play, written at the time it was, doesn't seem too out of whack, considering the bygone days of Boulder, and what was going on then.

McReynolds was also being filmed for a documentary shortly before JBR's murder---and it was in the paper before JBR's murder. In fact I thought that was the reason for the party at the Ramseys at the 23rd--he had wanted to be filmed at the Ramseys.

So you had the Access article in the paper, and a McReynolds story....and the two met on the 23rd. Don't know if there's a link---but there are some very strange coincidences.