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#0, Randy Simons
Posted by jameson on May-05-03 at 08:01 AM
Randy Simons

Patsy brought more clothes than I had ever seen a parent bring. In the make-up chair, JonBenét appeared
quiet and shy, not scared. She kept looking at her mother.

In the studio, I shot closeups with a cowboy hat first, then shots with flowers in her hair, which eventually
aorned covers all over the wold. Before noon, Patsy went out and got pizza for everyone, and then all of
us went on location. I photographed the dance outfit with the polka dots next, then the harlequin dance
costume. By 1:00. JonBenét was tired of wearing the tap shoes, but she never complained about the heat
or the bright sun. At the residential subdivision Ken Carly Ranch, I did the "Little house on the Prairie
dress - that playful shot of JonBenét hiding behind the tree.

The half-day booking became a full day and I got tired faster than JonBenét. At the Wilson White Fence
Farm in Lakewood, which has a gazebo and carousel horses, Jonbenét played peek-a-boo. She giggled
and laughed. The wind began to blow so I made Patsy my assistant. She held a reflector when we did
the Little Red Riding Hood photograph. By then, I'd photographed JonBenét in eleven different outfits.
She was a neat kid.

It wasn't long before the tabloids were saying that Patsy had forced JonBenét into some exrutiating shots.
I never saw anything like that.

I was paid $590 for the day. Patsy gave me a tip of $45. A month later, she ordered $960 worth of
hand-retouched prints.
Randy Simons
PMPT quotes

According to Schiller - paperback page 257-9, Simons' alibi was that he was home alone in Genoa, 120
miles from Boulder, at the time of the murder. Simons had been a professional news photographer since
1970, worked for a time as an AP stringer. He had covered a few fires, decided the job was a bit too
dangerous and switched to fashion and advertising photography. His second client was Kristine Griffin. It
was through the Griffins that he got the job photographing JonBenét.
In March of 1997, Detective Jeff Kithcart interviewed photographer Mark Fix. Asked about Randy
Simons, Fix said no, he didn't think Simons was a good suspect - thought he was an "odd critter". He was
paranoid, thought people were after him, thought the Ramseys were blaming him. He feared some
paramilitary group wanted his negatives...

#1, RE: Randy Simons
Posted by jameson on May-05-03 at 08:05 AM
In response to message #0
Ransdy Simons later had a breakdown - the cops picked him up from the side of the road - he was naked,walking along - - and when the cops stopped him he informed them that he had NOT killed JonBenét Ramsey.

My question is this. He was taken to a hospital and put in a place where he could get psychiatric help. Since he was a patient and not a prisoner, was his DNA or handwriting taken?

I am not accusing him of anything, asking more about procedure and - - - did the BORG investigation even do that much?

I want to think so. If neither matched, I would hope he might be publicly .... that the Boulder DA would simply state that the handwriting and DNA didn't match.

I think that is only right.

#2, acute
Posted by DonBradley on May-05-03 at 09:10 AM
In response to message #1
He had some acute episode, or else feigned it. I think it was real.

Now that it is over and he is out of the "bobby hatch" he can fade into the background and apparently has done just that. If he wants the BPD to make a statement about him, he will have a long wait.

I would think that if he was 120 miles away that would be perhaps a two hour drive each way and would probably involve a gas purchase. He may well have been able to establish having used a credit card for dinner and for breakfast or something.

#3, RE: Randy Simons
Posted by daffodil on May-05-03 at 09:10 AM
In response to message #1
Maybe we will find out when we read Steve Thomas' deposition.

#4, Beats me.
Posted by DonBradley on May-05-03 at 02:18 PM
In response to message #1
>I am not accusing him of anything, asking more about
>procedure and - - - did the BORG investigation even do that much?
I don't know.

I would assume that a photographer would be checked out if he had any involvement with JonBenet and the pageants even though the BPD were fixated on parental involvement. I don't think there was anything actually linking the photographer to anything. I'm sure the tabloids saw more there than the police would have seen, simply because the tabloids would be able to invent anything that they had really wanted to invent.

I do know that no dna tests would have been run while he was in the booby hatch and that none of the blood samples taken from him there would have been turned over to the BPD for any such dna testing even if the BPD had wanted them.

#5, so
Posted by jameson on May-05-03 at 02:30 PM
In response to message #4
the cops could have simply asked him for a sample very early on as they spoke to people - - - - but did they? I doubt it since they were already BORG - - but who knows.

If they took samples, that's no guarantee the sampleswere processed. I think the new investigators have likely put in the untested samples - - just to follow the leads the BPD ignored. I hope they have.

#6, Ricci and Elizabeth Smart
Posted by DonBradley on May-05-03 at 03:47 PM
In response to message #5
>If they took samples, that's no guarantee the samples were processed.
True. Failure to process could be for any number of reasons but chief among them would be the BPD's myopic viewpoint of parental involvement.

Consider how in the Elizabeth Smart case, clues that did not involve their prime suspect, Ricci, were at best downgraded and sometimes simply ingnored.

Sometimes things go really wrong for reasons that later seem almost comical:
A computer entry is made for Montana but mistakenly the clerk enters the abbreviation "MO" which is Missouri.
A multi-digit serial number on a firearm is entered with one transposition and the pistol is returned to the suspect who later kills several people in a bank robbery.
Some dim bulb hears Emmanuel and thinks its Immanual so the computer doesn't find the proper entry.

But a pervasive attitude that starts at the level of the Chief of Police and continues down to virtually all of the investigators is a force that is far more powerful than can be imagined.
So much time and effort was expended by the BPD on a wild goose chase and on defending their image that DA Keenan is only now starting an investigation into what is clearly a cold case. Most 'cold case' files go cold for a variety of reasons, but in the JBR case, the BPD's investigation did not "go cold". It never really got started. It was not an 'investigation', it was a "campaign".