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#0, Kidnapping gone wrong?
Posted by DonBradley on Nov-08-02 at 06:46 AM
Although the suggestion has been made that the presence of the rope and the fibers found inside the suitcase indicate a plan and abortive attempt to take JonBenet out of the house, I don't think it was ever a kidnapping.

The perpetrator would have to be almost an irrational borderline weirdo to spend so much time writing a note and so little time planning the crime and thinking about lifting forty five pounds. And then given the viciousness of the crime, he sure turned inot someone who was really frustrated at not being able to get her out of the house.

I think the repeated tightening and loosening of the garotte makes this a crime that was going to be murder right from the start. I just don't see a frustrated kidnapper enraged at his inability to get her out of the house as sitting down to fashion the garotte or strangle her slowly.

JonBenet was not 'killed to get rid of the witness to the night's sexual activities'. She was killed for fun. Lots of fun. This guy really enjoyed his nights work.

#1, Irrational Borderline Weirdo or
Posted by Maikai on Nov-08-02 at 08:53 AM
In response to message #0
paranoid schizophrenic that was off his medicine and was also a substance abuser? Someone with a history of violence and assaults on children that lived nearby?

I don't see a normal person behind this---that spent a lot of time planning a kidnapping or murder. What was striking to me in the recent Court TV presentation, was once the perp found a way to get into the house, it was only a short walk up the stairs, and the paper and pen were clearly in view. John Andrews bedroom was disturbed, and was right next to JBR's. With hours to spend in the house, it's entirely possible the original motive changed and evolved as he walked around the house.

The garrotte and ransom note were both done with things from the house---doesn't show preplanning for murder or kidnapping.

Not unlike the profilers in the sniper attacks, we may be giving too much credit to the killer of JBR for cunning. He may have carried around a burglary kit......may have been attracted to JBR....but the whole plan evolved once he gained access to the house, and had opportunity. He couldn't take JBR out---and there clearly was an attempt to put her in the suitcase (possibly dead). All of this may be the result of the garden variety paranoid schizo that got an idea....and he's still walking around (unless he's dead).

Gary Oliva told his friend he hurt a little girl....he had the past, and he was in the neighborhood....he supposedly was a paranoid schizo and there are a lot of similarities in his printing to the ransom note. The tapes aired on 48 hours show a very disturbed individual into sick fantasy...who had done prison time for raping/assaulting a 7 year old girl. He didn't get away with it the first time.

#2, RE: Irrational Borderline Weirdo or
Posted by Guppy on Nov-09-02 at 01:42 AM
In response to message #1
I've thought it was a kidnapping gone wrong just about from the time I jumped off of the fence after seeing the first Tracey documentary. Mainly, it was a result of compelling arguments from the BORG on alt.true-crime against the note being left to "buy time". Of course, they argued against everything else I said too, but the compelling arguments were absent.

I would imagine the killer's decision to leave a ransom note was something like the Sniper's sudden demand for ten million dollars - an idea that seemed good to him at the time for reasons the rest of us will never understand. Anyway, I've always felt the killer was a low-life like the rest of the scum who are on display in hundreds of true-crime books, so it just seems to make sense that he wouldn't be thinking enough moves in advance to write the note just as a means to buy time to get a head start.

#3, Head Start program ?
Posted by DonBradley on Nov-12-02 at 08:42 AM
In response to message #2
I've never thought that the burglar "brought his own burglar alarm", ie, he spent all that time in the home writing the note solely to have it on the steps so as to cause much commotion should a parent happen to be wandering about in the middle of the night and discover JonBenet's absence. The hours of remaining in the house are incongruent with the desire for a few moments of advance warning when really no such warning would have been all that valuable to him or all that necessary.

Whatever reason the note was left for, it does not seem to me to have been created for any sort of 'kidnaping' or 'early warning system'. I think it was left for the same reason that garotte was embedded so deeply in her throat: it was fun!