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#0, Stephen Mason
Posted by Myself on Dec-14-02 at 05:56 AM
Discussion please?

#1, RE: Stephen Mason
Posted by Weird Al on Dec-14-02 at 06:39 AM
In response to message #0
Is this the "name" that shares Fleet White's social security number?

#2, RE: Stephen Mason
Posted by jameson on Dec-14-02 at 09:31 AM
In response to message #1
Yes - that is a name that popped up on a paper investigating Fleet White. No one knows what it means.

Fleet White could have used that name at some time

OR there could have been a clerical error at some point in time and - --- if Stephen Mason's SS# is one off from Fleet's and someone punched it in incorrectly when processing any legal papers, the name would pop up on those papers.

Doesn't have to mean a thing. Could mean a lot - - I don't have the answer.

#3, RE: Stephen Mason
Posted by Mikie on Dec-14-02 at 10:52 AM
In response to message #2
LAST EDITED ON Dec-14-02 AT 11:10 AM (EST)
It could be a pen name like authors use. Here's some online writing by someone named Stephen Mason.

Remember Louise Armstrong? I believe that was Janet McReynold's pen name. She wrote about child abuse in foster homes, but was not trained nor recognized as an expert in that field.
She (LA) wrote

"Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics: What Happened When Women Said Incest" by Armstrong, Louise

"Saving the Big-Deal Baby" by Hearne, Jack (Illustrator), and Armstrong, Louise A young married couple has trouble coping with the demands brought on by their 14-month-old baby.

And They Call It Help: The Psychiatric Policing of America's Children by Armstrong, Louise

"Of Sluts & Bastards: A Feminist Decodes the Child Welfare Debate"
by Armstrong, Louise

"Solomon Says: A Speakout on Foster Care" by Armstrong, Louise

"The Thump, Blam, Bump Mystery" by Armstrong, Louise
When Erma Jean hears a noise overhead, she sets out with other apartment dwellers to find its source.

"Kiss Daddy Goodnight" by Armstrong, Louise


#4, RE: Stephen Mason
Posted by Evening2 on Dec-16-02 at 01:51 PM
In response to message #3
Is Louise Armstrong Janet's real name or is her real name Doris McReynolds? Also, are the books by Louise Armstrong that are published in the UK written by her as well? For example, "Japanese Magic", "Price of Happiness", and several others? Have you read any of these recent publications?

#5, RE: Mikie
Posted by BraveHeart on Dec-16-02 at 04:15 PM
In response to message #4
These are not altogether unrelated subjects to the child abuse-incest messages of the crime scene-how do you know these were written by Mrs. McSanta?

#6, RE: Mikie
Posted by Mikie on Dec-16-02 at 04:51 PM
In response to message #5
I do not know for certain that Janet McReynolds is or was Louise Armstrong. The strongest evidence I have is that there was a website for Louise Armstrong in which she was selling paintings which appeared to be painted-over photographs from turn of the century era. That website had a picture of a woman who purported to be Louise Armstrong and the picture resembled closely Janet McR. However, it was discussed on the forum for awhile and several people seemed to disagree that it was her. She was wearing dark glasses which would be fitting for a beatnick (Borroughs) type. The site suggested she had a shop in the NE area I believe CT. But other than that the subjects of the books she wrote was quite similar to the play Hey Rube which she wrote, i.e. abuse of children in foster care. So many similarities I have to say I believe it is her. However, I have many beliefs based on weak evidence, and I can see where this could be in error.

#7, RE: Mikie
Posted by Evening2 on Dec-16-02 at 05:33 PM
In response to message #6
I too believe they are one and the same. I saw a photograph of Louise Armstrong on a book jacket and again, the resemblance was striking. Have you read any of her books, and, if so, did you find her writing style to be unique? Do you know if these newer books I mentioned are by the same Louise Armstrong and have you read any of them?

#8, Evening2
Posted by Mikie on Dec-16-02 at 06:35 PM
In response to message #7
No I have not read any of her books. I did read the book
The Basement: Meditations on a Human Sacrifice, by Kate Millett (Simon & Schuster, New York, 1979).

#9, RE: Evening2
Posted by Seal on Dec-16-02 at 07:32 PM
In response to message #8
Mikie, Louise Armstrong is a social critic and author of five books. She lives in London. She does however share the same values as Janet McReynolds and has made basically the same statement that Janet McR. did regarding sexual abuse.

<i>Women victims of violence are represented in the news as potentially to blame for their victimization.</i>

I believe she follows the work of Louise Arnstrong.

#10, RE: The Basement and Louise Armstrong
Posted by Evening2 on Dec-17-02 at 09:53 AM
In response to message #9
I tried reading The Basement but couldn't finish it.

Seal, are you saying there is more than one Louise Armstrong? Because the writing style of all books authored by Louise Armstrong is the same, including those published as children's books. It seems she has then written many more than five books.

#11, RE: The Basement and Louise Armstrong
Posted by Seal on Dec-17-02 at 10:27 AM
In response to message #10
The information I brought up only quoted five books...there could possibly be dozens of books. She did however write the books Mikie quoted. IF there is more then one Louise Armstrong that is an activist and writes books it doesn't come up on Ask Jeeves search engine.

I think it would be great if this was indeed Janet McReynolds...but don't think it is. I'm sure this would have come up long before now. The only thing that has been attributed to J. McR is 'Hey Rube', although she was a movie critic for several years with the RMN I believe, and she did write this play about an abused child. She made a similar statement on television that 'the victim seeks out their own abuse'(something to that effect.)

#12, RE: The Basement and Louise Armstrong
Posted by Mikie on Dec-17-02 at 05:44 PM
In response to message #11
I believe somewhere I read a post on a forum long ago that Kate Millet and Janet were in the same college, roommates or something like that. True, Evening2, I didn't finish either, since the last half was not very informative, a sort of meditational jiberish as I recall.

The big question in my mind is why would Louise Armstrong have Janet's picture on her books unless she is her, or is it possible that they are just lookalikes? The picture I saw on the Louise Armstrong painting website was also so much like her I had to conclude it was her. That site was no longer on line last I checked a year ago.

Regardless of exactly what is going on, there is definite relationship between Janet, Millet, Louise Armstrong writings, and JonBenet's murder.

Evening2 I am surprised that you have come to the same conclusion I have. Email me (if you want) thru jameson and we might exchange a few words about it.

#13, RE: Louise Armstrong
Posted by Evening2 on Dec-17-02 at 06:30 PM
In response to message #12
One of the books by Louise Armstrong speaks of her having been on Good Morning America and perhaps other shows. I believe the book was written in the 70s, but I do not recall which book it was. Would be interesting to see a clip of that show.

Have you read any of her books, or all of her books by chance? Have you read any of her books published in the UK between 2000 and 2002? In these later books, what do you think of the metaphors? I value your opinion in this regard.

#14, RE: Louise Armstrong
Posted by Mikie on Dec-17-02 at 08:10 PM
In response to message #13
E2 see post 8 above, I have not read her books.

But I think it would be an interesting task to try to compare LA writing style with JMcR's three part articles in the Denver Post.

#15, RE: Louise Armstrong
Posted by Evening2 on Dec-18-02 at 06:13 AM
In response to message #14
I believe all or most of her books are available for purchase on line and some should be on the shelves of your library. If not, you may request an interlibrary loan for the books. I have not read any of them recently and I don't own any of them so am unable to provide a sample of the writing style.

If anyone here has read any of her books and can provide a sample of her writing style, it would be interesting for discussion purposes. Was it Peterson, the investigator, who first came up with the possible link between Janet McReynolds and Louise Armstrong? Also, do we have any information on her real name? Seal said she lives in London. If that's the case, and they are the same person, she must reside in a variety of places.