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#0, annalycia maria cruz...
Posted by birgitta on Aug-03-02 at 09:50 AM
ladybug or anyone???<P>are there any news about this child annalycia maria cruz to be found somewhere???<P>ladybug do you know about this case and could you please be so kind and post her photograph???<P>thank you...hopefully someone can help!!

#1, Annalycia Marie Cruz
Posted by ourputer on Aug-03-02 at 01:10 PM
In response to message #0
Here is Annalycia's picture from the NCMEC site. She went missing at age 7 months in 1994 and would now be 8 yrs old. There is an age progressed photo as well.<P><a href="";><;/a>

#2, ourputer
Posted by birgitta on Aug-03-02 at 05:12 PM
In response to message #1
thank you for helping but only get error when i click the link...but im having huge problems now with the computer....<P>are there anywhere to be found news about her..??<P>id like to see also old news but cant find any..

#3, OR Clearinghouse info
Posted by ourputer on Aug-05-02 at 03:02 PM
In response to message #2
The Oregon Missing Child Clearinghouse has the following info on its site:<P>Child has been missing from the Chiloquin, Oregon area since July 9, 1994. She is missing under unknown circumstances. She has a red birthmark on the nape of her neck. The Klamath County Sheriff's Office took the original report. Child's full name is Annalycia Maria Cruz.<BR> <BR> <BR>Birth Date: 12/19/93<P> <BR>Missing Date: 07/09/94<BR> <BR>Race: White/Hispanic<BR> <BR>Sex: Female<BR> <BR>Current Age: 4<BR> <BR>Hair Color: Light Brown<BR> <BR>Hair Type: N/A<BR> <BR>Eyes: Blue<BR> <BR>Height: 2' 3"<BR> <BR>Weight: 14 lbs.<BR> <BR>Missing From: Chiloquin, Oregon, USA<BR> <BR>Type of Abduction: Endangered Missing<BR> <BR>A Toll-Free Hotline: (1-800-282-7155) is maintained by the Clearinghouse to receive any information on missing children.<P>Clearinghouse business number 503-378-3725, Ext. 4412<BR> <BR>

#4, ourputer...
Posted by birgitta on Aug-05-02 at 04:10 PM
In response to message #3
thank you for helping...i have seen that info...but was hoping to find news links but cant find anything...<BR>the current age is actually not 4...as she must be 8 years old by now...<BR>there seam to be very litle to know about her...<P>

#5, You're right...
Posted by ourputer on Aug-06-02 at 12:18 PM
In response to message #4
...about the age. I was copying from the OR Clearinghouse page, and didn't check the info. Obviously, they have updated the page for awhile. Especially since there is an age-progressed photo thru NCMEC. I searched many of the news publications in Oregon, but found absolutely nothing on her. Sorry.

#6, ladybug...
Posted by birgitta on Aug-15-02 at 07:40 PM
In response to message #5
do you know anything about her...???<P>can someone put her photo up...??<P>sorry i dont know how to do it...

#7, image
Posted by jameson on Aug-15-02 at 08:06 PM
In response to message #6
<a href="http://www.childsearch.org/images/annalycia_cruz.jpg";>http://www.childsearch.org/images/annalycia_cruz.jpg<;/a><P>Just replace the <a href="http:/";>http:/<;/a>/ with image: and you get<P><img src="http://www.childsearch.org/images/annalycia_cruz.jpg";>

#8, Pretty baby
Posted by Snapple on Aug-15-02 at 09:38 PM
In response to message #7
What a pretty baby. Probably some woman wanted a baby.

#9, yes...shes wonderful...
Posted by birgitta on Aug-16-02 at 06:54 AM
In response to message #8
i hope some nice woman wanted her but i am afraid i belive something dangerous happend to her...hope im wrong...<P>i have been trying to find some news links about her but cant find anything...only small information about how she looked like when she was taken and where...<BR>there is very little to know about her on the internet unfortunatly...<BR>

#10, RE: annalycia maria cruz...
Posted by Daniele on May-31-06 at 04:58 PM
In response to message #0
Details of Disappearance
Cruz was last seen at Clyde's Market in her hometown of Chiloquin, Oregon on July 9, 1994. She was wearing a white jumpsuit and pink and white socks at the time. Cruz has never been heard from again. She is considered to be endangered.
In 1997 Cruz's mother, Alice R. Fowler, sued William Russell Spear for unspecified damages relating to Cruz's disappearance. She says while Spear was babysitting Cruz, he left her unattended in his car outside Clyde's Market and this negligent action caused her disappearance. A judge dismissed Fowler's lawsuit because she failed to allege sufficient facts to constitute a claim. Cruz remains missing and her case is unsolved.


#11, RE: annalycia maria cruz...
Posted by Alice Fowler on Jun-10-06 at 06:42 PM
In response to message #0
I would really love to talk to the person that posted this message. I am Annalycia's mother. I am looking for Birgitta-Ice. Please is anyone can help my e-mail is alicearriola@yahoo.com

Posted by LadyBug on Jun-22-06 at 06:26 PM
In response to message #11
> I would really love to talk to the person that posted this
>message. I am Annalycia's mother. I am looking for
>Birgitta-Ice. Please is anyone can help my e-mail is

ALICE You would like to talk to Brgitta-Ice ? Where did you find her name ? Regardless, Birgitta is a native of Iceland, has never been to the United State. She is/was employed and cares for her child.

Birgitta and I corresponded for about 2 years. At that time she was an intern psycic in training. She wanted to help find missing children. I had her e-mail address but apparently that has changed. It's been several years since we have heard from her.

Posted by LadyBug on Jun-22-06 at 06:30 PM
In response to message #12
Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Klamath County Sheriff's Office

BIRGITTA, if you should drop in please contact me, thanks

Posted by Ladybug on Jun-29-06 at 06:21 PM
In response to message #12
Hello I just saw that you responded to my e-mail Thank you I am asking about Birgitta because I noticed that she was interested in a case involving my daughter. It has been 12 years since her disappearance and though we believe we know what happened there has been no closure. I realize that Birgitta is in Ireland but had seen a chat between you and her discussing my angel. Please if you can help me I am willing to explore any avenues. Something she said specifically was that she wished that a nice woman had taken her but she believes something terrible happened. How does she know this being in Ireland. We suspect as well that something bad happened. Please e-maiil me as I would love to talkto you. My e-mail is alicearriola@yahoo.com I am not very computer savvy sorry. Please respond. Thank you for your time. Alice

Posted by LadyBug on Jul-09-06 at 09:21 PM
In response to message #14