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#5, RE: Ricochet Movie
Posted by Terrance on Apr-14-03 at 12:15 PM
In response to message #4
Maikai, you wrote:
"Do you think it's possible this perp predicted how the BPD would act, and that the Ramseys would end up being suspects, even with a handwritten note? (ie: Ricochet)"

Definitely. In Ricochet, the culprit cleverly predicted how the DA and the community would react and since it is so clear that the JonBenet perp included the Ricochet reference, I am very sure that the perp was intending to set-up John Ramsay in the same way. As to how well the perp could predict the BPD depends on how close or knowledgeable the perp was of the BPD. (Saying that stirs up some other speculation: in both Ricochet and Dirty Harry there was antagonism between the cop and the DA as well as the cop and the culprit. However, I treat that with very light speculation.)

"I think the entreprenaur article, if brought in by the perp is a key piece of evidence as to his motive...since it so closely resembles "Ricochet." And it would show premeditation...and a long, simmering hatred.

SBTC then could very likely be the technology group.....lots of little clues in the note...and IMO, could indicate someone connected to Access or the computer field, or linked to them in someway---ie: respecting the business, but I don't like YOU."

Definitely. There MUST have been SERIOUS premeditation to so brutally take the life of an innocent young child. As it has been said many times, all that exposure of the Ramsay's success (business and pageant) at a critical time of the year (Christmas) was just too much for the perp. As in Ricochet, the perp's Christmas was probably low on money and without a princess of a daughter. The Ramsay's on the other hand were the talk of the town.

I am pretty sure that the motive had to do with money and success in a related business. The S.B.T.C might however refer to something else. In the Ransom note the perp referred to John's "southern common sense". That might have been a subtle, taunting and ironic hint that the perp was from the south. I think the DA should take another look at any suspects who might have come from the south and had a falling out with John Ramsay's business.

Thanks, Maikai. If people keep on picking at this mystery from different angles, just maybe someday we will see the truth.