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#2, RE: Old Review of Dirty Harry
Posted by Terrance on Apr-13-03 at 05:11 PM
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Right Maikai,
As stated on many other lines, there is no question of the crime movie involvement in this mystery. Dirty Harry seems to be the most directly related with almost word for word script in the movie. After learning about the research Braveheart had done on the movie connection, I carefully studied all the mentioned movies (except for Speed) for even the most subtle of hints. Here are some of my further thoughts:

Dirty Harry was saved by (next to) the cross (by his partner taking shot at the culprit) and by Dirty Harry himself concealing and then using his knife on the culprit. Ironically, the culprit squealed like a Pig. Motive?: the culprit had a vengeance on society and the Pigs. Theme?: People like Dirty Harry got the dirty work and those in power could sacrifice (crucify) people like Dirty Harry, but in the end, Dirty Harry had victory, only to throw his badge away. Point to the movie?: dirty work has got to be done. You can not pay the ransom or try to reason with scum.

Most if not all crime movies have a cop in them. So maybe it is not surprising that there a variety of cop personnas:
Dirty Harry - dirty work cop
Ransom - bad cop
Speed - ? I saw along time ago and have not reviewed with JBR
Seven - frustrated nieve cop?
Nick of Time - phony cop
Ricochet - super too good to be true cop

Sure there is money involved in ransoms, but money is power. The perp is probably trying to tell us the motive for killing JonBenet:
Dirty Harry - revenge on powers that be (mayor and cops) and also against a cop who foils the culprit's ambitions
Ransom - revenge on small cop's wage, but more so later on against a super business dad who foils the culprit's ambitions
Speed - ?
Seven - revenge on hypocracy of society and the power of a cop
Nick of Time - revenge and envy against a governor who foils the faction's ambitions
Ricochet - revenge and envy against a cop who foils the culprit's ambitions
Leopold and Loeb (and the movie: Rope) - show how smart and powerful they are

Someone (likely one, but perhaps two) who wanted to show how smart they were and wanted to really get revenge on John Ramsay. Just like in Ricochet (redirecting fate and revenge), JonBenet carried the Heart in her hand that belonged to John Ramsay. Just like in Ricochet, a Heart was drawn around John Ramsay on the business magazine. The perp wanted John Ramsay to live and go through hell (through his daughter's death). The ransom note was a lie from the start, so maybe the perp really had a business problem with John Ramsay. Why would the perp say they respect John's "bussiness" and later say that the two gentlemen watching over his daughter did not particularly like John very much. Just like in Ricochet, the perp was in reality taunting John Ramsay. I keep coming to the conclusion that the perp had a falling out in business with John Ramsay and while John's career soared, the perp's fell. Perhaps the business problem might be related to the Small Business Technical Coalition (SBTC www.sbtc.org ) and the perp's failure in winning a grant (many of which are around the $100k to $200k range. I recall on some of my Internet research that there was some SBIR (related to SBTC) real estate business inolving downtown Boulder and further out. It might be that John Ramsay was supposed to do something and in failing, the perp felt betrayed, losing out on the benefits of a grant and then decided to get revenge through the death of John's daughter.

I understand that Steve Thomas was frustrated with the DA for not getting the phone records. Perhaps he was alluding to the possibility that phone calls were made during the middle of the night to some kind of advisors on how to clean a crime scene (and how to write a phony ransom note). However, it just seems too implausible that with so much emotional turmoil, one could direct the parents over the phone to choreograph the ransom note, the business magazine, the suitcase in the Train Room and basement scene complete with the heart drawn in JonBenet's little hand, not to mention the other previous oddities in Charlevoix. Chances are much greater that a perp driven by hate, envy and revenge (most likely related to business) prepared this while the family was out for dinner and later slept. For what it's worth, I suggest the DA check out any past SBTC business relations with John Ramsay. The Heart drawn over John Ramsay on the business magazine and the Heart drawn in the little hand of JonBenet makes this crime appear to be more personal than just that of a idiot vagrant.