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Posted by jameson on May-25-02 at 09:16 PM
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9 . "lets also not forget the play and the basement"<BR> Posted by CarolinaGirl on May-17-02 at 02:56 PM (EST)<BR> I think the killer was well aware of the <BR> McReynolds life and incorporated it into the plan<P> how coincidental the abduction the abuse the play the santa playing at the ramseys home the<BR> teaching at the college how much of his or her life did they share with their students and how<BR> revengeful are his/her own children.<P> I find it very odd that Jill has been made public I respect her right but it is news would have sold tons<BR> of tabloids even talk shows on coincidental basis <P> also was this abductor and the other child ever identified my best guess is that the girls knew him did<BR> the police in boulder really investigate this avenue revenge and jealousy are motives for murder <P> <BR> <BR> <P> <BR> 10 . "The thread that ties the two incidents..."<BR> Posted by Mikie on May-17-02 at 04:58 PM (EST)<BR> ...is the significance of the date. Winter solstice...St. Stephens Day, Child of Promise for a bountiful<BR> spring...human sacrifice. <P> <BR>