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#1, RE: To Rita Johnaon and her publishers
Posted by jameson on Nov-27-03 at 12:48 PM
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I want to note now that I never hid this thread - I archived it where anyone could find it by doing a simple search. I didn't delete it - it remained there all this time.

Now, nearly a year later, there is still no book. I think Rita has written one but knows it will not be the truth. I think no real publisher will publish it and she is considering if she really wants to take on the responsibility herself for ... whatever she intends to write.

Rita called me once to ask me to help her write her book - to help make sure she got certain things right - and I refused. She admitted that much on another forum.

No, I would not tell Rita what I knew - though I did tell her she was one screwed up person and I thought anything she wrote would be just as bad.