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#1, RE: Article by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro
Posted by Mame on Nov-13-03 at 10:12 AM
In response to message #0
Like the offending stories written about Burke Ramsey, the tabloids had prior knowledge that the information they were publishing was false. And as happened with the Globe after the Burke stories, I suspect the Enquirer will settle this case as quickly and quietly as possible -- if its editors know what's good for them.

False information? Misinformation? Burke? Tabloids? Behind the scenes manipulation? Why does the name "Jones" always seem to emerge? Mr. Jones, the master of misinformation! He's a busy guy...is he the same guy caught in some real estate fraud deal in Colorado? Then a few years later finds his way to the Ramsey case...Internet poster? (Mis)information broker to the tabs? Calls to Hunter? Smit? Buddies with Fleet White...Haney...his father married to Nancy Krebs grandmother? he reports a five hour phone call with Gwen Boykin (Krebs mother) to Hunter when the story broke...he threatened Gsquared when she was en route to meet with Lin Wood regarding the Burke did it crap...he speaks for Fleet White regularly.

Years later, he's still around, spinning and stirring...pitching his 911 science project. Posting PORTIONS of official documents doctored and edited to fit his agenda...visions of Young Frankenstein? I'd say it's all more than a little, "Abby Normal"...