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#0, The Globe
Posted by jameson on Nov-07-02 at 07:51 PM

Candy has written up a synopsis...

The Globe, November 19, 2002 "JonBenet's Dying Mom's Final Fight to Clear Her Name"


Desperately fighting the cancer ravaging her body, Patsy Ramsey is talking about the moment she
meets her Maker - just as she launches a new fight to clear her name.

In a perplexing discussion at her local church, JonBenet's mom spoke about the "second chances" God
has given her - at least 500, she says, and how the Lord will have to pick her up when she enters
heaven because she'll be "so pooped".

(Patsy stated to worshipers at her church) "Relationships are no longer. They take too much work."
They were again baffled when she said "I have four kids, a son and three daughters. He's in California."

In fact...Burke lives with her and her husband John...in Atlanta.

Also, if Patsy was counting both her and John's children...they have two sons and three daughters
between them (Burke, John Andrew, Melinda and two daughters who died).

"It was very confusing, says a fellow worshiper. Patsy didn't seem to make much sense. For somebody
so articulate, it seemed bizarre."

(Then a description of the Today show appearance with Lin Wood and the deposition testimony recently)

An eyewitness said "Patsy didn't look well. She's obviously put on a bit of weight...(and describing John)
"He's losing his hair and hasn't aged well. The stress is obviously getting to him."


This is an insane article. Patsy knows full well how many children they have, (no one has been disowned) and John Andrew is NOT living in California. The unnamed sources are Miss Informantion and Vicious Gossip.