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#2, RE: Patsy's Paintings
Posted by jameson on Oct-05-02 at 09:03 AM
In response to message #1
Look close - - there is actually an "umbrella" over her head in that. She told me all the little things that were in there - - LOTS of things... I really wish she would do a show or put out a little book with the paintings and explain them - - they are amazing - - tell a story.

I didn't see the one where JonBenét was an angel - - though she showed it to Erin Moriarty, the editors kept editing stuff out and it isn't there.

The painting way to the right should be known by all - - it is the one that was in the basement on the night of the murder - - right next to where the murder took place - - and THAT was never taken in as evidence, checked for prints - - how wrong is THAT???

The painting to the right has the mountains of Boulder and the faces of the BORG and the hand of God pointing at THEM!

I didn't see the middle painting well so won't comment - - just will say she showed me several paintings - - I thought they were very good.
I wish they showed them all - - maybe next time?