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#6, RE: Fleet's quote
Posted by Guppy on Aug-28-02 at 05:31 AM
In response to message #5
LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-02 AT 05:35 AM (GMT)
I always assumed FW was kidding around when the made the comment about the shoes.

The fact is, even the BPD would be extremely interested in a footprint found next to the body of murdered little girl, especially a footprint for which the brand of the shoe was so obvious it looked as if it may have been planted.

Lou Smit had access to all of the evidence, and after checking it all out he was still looking for Hi-Tek boots. Steve Thomas didn't know the source of the print, either. So, unless the shoes were discovered long after the Ramseys moved to another state, which would be at the very far end of unlikely, the source of the information has to have been a photograph. (Clearly, it could be a statement from a witness, but i'll just jump past it for the time being.)

If that is the case, then the BPD doesn't know squat about where the print came from. We already know the cops were wearing the same brand of shoes, in the house, both before and after the body was found. I suppose if one wanted to jump up and shout that the source of the print had been found, it wouldn't be unreasonable to point at one of the cops. To point at a picture of one of the Ramseys wearing shoes that look like one of the Hi-Tek models (just guessing here), and to say those shoes are the source of the print found in wine celler, well, excuuuussseeee me...that is just pure poppycock.

edited to change "before" to the much more meaningful "before and after".