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#5, Fleet's quote
Posted by jameson on Aug-28-02 at 03:16 AM
In response to message #4
The quote was on page 461 of Schiller's book - - but I don't believe Schiller had a tape or transcript of the interview and I don't know his source.... maybe Steve Thomas... maybe not - - but I am taking the quote with a grain of salt.

STILL, if Fleet White did say that, wouldn't you want to know the context of the statement?

Were the Boulder cops saying to him things like - - "What would you say if we told you the Ramseys said you had been in the basement room before the night of the murder so knew the room was there?" What if they were saying to him - - "There was a Hi-Tec print in the basement - -what would you say if we told you the Ramseys said YOU owned a pair of Hi-Tec shoes?"

If he then responded with something like - - "And what if I told you the Ramseys owned High-Tec shoes, and so did the Fernies, and so did the whold damn neighborhood!"

I don't know what Fleet White said, but whatever it was, I would like to hear it from him - - and in context.