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#3, FW and HiTek
Posted by Guppy on Aug-27-02 at 10:05 PM
In response to message #2
A poster on another forum suggested that when FW was playing around with the BPD and said something about the Ramseys having Hi-Tek shoes, he may not have just been having fun.

The suggestion was that if FW knew Burke had Hi-Tek shoes, it might have been part of what JR and FW had their big falling out over, with FW wanting JR to fess up to the BPD but stopping short of ratting him out.

It could also explain FW's strange reaction to testifying under oath.

Anyway, I bet my copy of PMPT that the evidence the "investigators" have is a picture of Burke wearing some shoes, and that picture won't show any logo at all.

Still, I think this is an interesting take on the new "evidence", and is probably worth tossing around.