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#1, Enquirer on Fleet White's depositio
Posted by jameson on Aug-26-02 at 08:29 PM
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08-23-02, 06:27 PM (EST)

"Enquirer story on Fleet White"

National Enquirer dated August 27, 2002 said Fleet White was deposed in the Wolf suit and couldn't
recall any details of the JonBenét Ramsey case.

White was questioned by Wolf attorney Darnay Hoffman and Ramsey lawyer Lin Wood.

According to the Enquirer, he couldn'tremember searching the basement on his own before JonBenét's
body was found. Couldn't recall finding a suitcase down there and moving it. Couldn't remember
anything about the lightswitch in the windowless room or if he read the ransom note or if he saw the
heart in JonBenét's hand.

The importnat part of the article, IMO was that FW refused to say he thought the Ramseys were

Fleet White said, "I would characterize Fleet White's testimony in general as being very favorable to
John and Patsy Ramsey. .... I have every confidence that as a factual witness, Fleet would never say
anything to harm John or Patsy."