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#9, Movies as TO MOCK culture.
Posted by Frank-e on May-02-03 at 11:16 AM
In response to message #7
I live in Los Angeles County near Edward's Air Force Base. In late 1990'S the military moved onto Edward's the anti-terrorism marine units with black hawk helicopters and hueys. One of their main missions is to protect HOLLYWOOD. The helicopters move over to the LA basin for every major Hollywood event.

The point here is the level of THREAT to Hollywood is real.

Muslims understand they must destroy the USA pop culture center! This to stop the Westernization of Muslim youth. Culture war! MOVIES. Jewish studio executives.

The Ramsey note uses IMO the movie sayings to MOCK the USA culture and to tell authoriaties HERE we are again. The on-going INCESSANT Muslim terror activity in our Nation began in early 1990's or earlier, not 09-11-02.

Recognize, Jameson has stated that she has no direct info as to the dictionary being open to Incessant or incest. The Ramseys themselves would not directly know this to be or not to be! Only the BPD would know this as evidence.

So, incessant or incest, the two are HEARSAY only as to case evidence.