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#8, Muslim motive=Ramsey for Ramzi
Posted by Frank-e on May-02-03 at 11:01 AM
In response to message #5
Thank you Jameson! I can understand posters conflict with this subject matter. We all have experienced events that we want not to be so! But yes Jameson, others are interested in this subject information.

Motive: JonBenet Ramsey for Ramzi Yousef!
Yousef was convicted of bombings in New York and sentenced to life in prison. He was to be sent post Christmas 1996 to Colorado's Federal SuperMax prison. The event in the Muslim world was premier to Muslim religious teachings to FREE their religious brethren from the imprisonment by the infidels (USA).

Yousef release would have lead to a GREAT celebration by Muslims over the Infidels. Allah's will.

Means: Absolutely, the level of training in terrorist camps and their international movement was already well established by Muslim terror leadership.

Opportunity: A no brainer. The New super Rich Ramseys in their simple goodness just wanted to be--regular folks--and left the doors open. The Muslim local--info--gatherers on Boulder's "persons of comfort" was complete and further determined by the business mag article on Ramsey and others.