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#65, "proper burial" Denied or not? Muslim?
Posted by F-e on May-04-03 at 10:54 AM
In response to message #64
I have never been in the Ramsey house nor even to Boulder. I don't know if there's down in the basement area or not locations other than the earth floored cellar to place the Ramsey child after perp murdered her. I can only assume that the perp chose the cellar for some very self important reason versus a criminal mastermind act of purpose. Since the ransom note includes the issue of burial, then I have to consider the--reason for--in relation to a Muslim religious mindset.

First, the reality was that--time--after murder was on the side of the perp! No lights went on, no neighbors activity it seems nor the Ramseys themselves awakened.

Second, this is the--time--factor of perp's confidence to do One more act before exit.

Third, One can speculate until blue without the direct crime scene evidence that Det. Smit centrally had at his disposal, or does today. What One cannot at all speculate or need too, this is the child's Father's statements of where and how she was laid and wrapped when Mr. Ramsey found her himself.

Mr. Ramsey found his daughter in the earth-floored cellar.
Mr. Ramsey in a deposition states she was wrapped like a papoose.
Mr. Ramsey may have given info as to her feet and hands/arms were exposed.

I begin by recognizing that murders often attempt to hide their victims bodies from detection. Yet, the cellar only offers limited time of detection as to search and or odor. The placement of body in the cellar in its' self is not a suggestion of burial, but maybe only a perp's simple sick impulse to hide JBR. Guilt or fear of?