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#64, Holy land & things to die for
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 08:38 PM
In response to message #41
The nation it serves!

To make a Father and Mother suffer for their Nations so-called wrongs?

Muslim religious leaders worldwide are calling on Muslims to punish the USA infidels. Muslim Ayatollahs and Imans declaring religious war against everything American. Christian missionary workers taken hostage in the night worldwide for ransoms or killed in churches in Pakistan.

But to die for Ones famous Muslim brother Ramzi Yousef held by the infidels of America, well no greater--honor--could be given nor found then this religious demand to free Yousef from the USA prison. One or more such as a Muslim would be famous as any one of our pop-culture stars, except this star would be revered as a warrior sleeper of ALLAH'S. The ultimate Muslim male's fantasy!

Lockheed Martin and Access Graphics serving a nation expanding with a high speed pop-culture far beyond the Old World nations; they who're still ruled by dictators and religious isolationists of a violent HE male religion constructed to drive out by human ignorance and superstitions to form one earth community to rule by blood lines. They who onto the world do drive their population dominance movement as an Arab race or the competing Persian religious Shiite's Empire by schemes of disconnected terrorism.

Mr. Ramsey never saw it coming nor the WARNINGS or the high level motive of brother Ramzi Yousef's freedom being his daughter's dangerous times. The perfect hostage!

Only the mother and daughter together would have been a greater show down at the not so OK corraled USA Gov.!!! Ramzi for Ramseys, would the USA Gov have had negotiated the hostage exchange in 1996-97?