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#63, Paris Ayatollah FROGS-incessant
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 05:30 PM
In response to message #62
The Ayatollahs of Iran have 1000's of Muslim Frogs (French)that Mr. Ramsey should considered involved in his daughters death. Access Graphics, I understand from the past forum posts had an office in Paris. Mr. Ramsey's French employees should be suspect, at least for information gathering acts.

The world was at war in 1996; we just hadn't fully or publically realized the extent of intelligence and military buildup for the intensifying future which is today. A Democracy moves slowly in change and preparation for conflict.

Today, after Sept. 11th (11th hour muslim)we have to be concerned of--Muslim bugs in our rugs--and household candles burning Mustard Gas slowly into our lungs. Yes, we are at war and the enemy lurks through our neighborhoods night and day now.

In the future, children alike JBR will not dance on stages dressed as they freely choose nor read books and talk freely of subjects unlimited, but they will slowly and obsesessively as Muslims are continue to PURIFY by fear, fire and Jihad, and again to PURIFY by fear and Jihad and again until the day of the end by population dominance. A end of human life. Religious Zombies. Then, it will turn on itself.

Muslim religion is death by Fear & Fire purification ruled by hypocrites.

"One cannot serve two masters, for one will hate one and love the other." (NT)

Choose the master you can Love...