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#60, "doesn't listen" carefully to Ayatollah
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 04:02 PM
In response to message #59
From associated Press.

"Somebody--who has might but not logic--does not have dignity nor shame and doesn't listen to anybody," Jannati said, in an apparent reference to the Bush administration. His speech was broadcasted live on Tehran radio."

"Jannati, who heads Iran's powerful Guardian Council,"

President Bush should-LISTEN to me--and have his elite Marines and Navy seals round-up them their doggies (Ayatollahs, Clerics, and Imans of Jihad) up of religious false PROPHECIES and give me a sharp knife; I'll perform the ELIJAH (Kings 1, Jezebels) solution on one and all of them. Worldwide.

The LOGIC crack was IMO from the Chinese leaders statement about our President's LOGIC capability.

Look, President Bush may not be some SCHOLAR, but I give him credit for his scrappy get the job done C grade educational performance. Our President knows his limits; and he appoints and hires the LOGIC and reasoning experts as needed to America's benefit. See Ayatollah, in our country, religious or academic SCHOLARS don't rule, but work for in service too, for a paycheck! The People of America rule here.

Muslim Clerics are so SCHOLARLY and so well trimed mentally that they can't see the writing on the inside of the Crescent mooned door out-of-it house full of their Muslim BS!!!! The problem is they're only smelling their own passing wind rising up from the darkness below dumped there by their Old world ancestors false beliefs foul excrement.

Time for America to let the AIR be FREE of them their logical DEAD ONES charging for to breathe!

Humanities EXPANSION from the OLD WORLD to the NEW World of Freedom and Justice for all is unstoppable, as well as, it's God's will to BE done on earth as it is in Heaven. Not by religious rulers casting FEAR and unlawful burdens on humanity, but the free of heart driven love of God and One's neighbor as Oneself in fullness of One's ALL given too!!! Thanks be to God.

Mohammed was or is NO Prophet, you all prove it so to be by your fruits of destruction, death and chaos cycles of religious madness.

Purity by punishment, no way! Religious leaders rule, no way! Muslim population infiltration into America's institutions, no way!

President Bush, knock the HE males to the ground.