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#56, Ramsey WARNING SIGNS!
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 11:42 AM
In response to message #55
First, one must accept the Muslim mind set as to what is expected by the unbeliver as to WARNINGS. A warning is delievered in a manner designed to test the warned if they understand ALLAH'S signs.

A moved item facing Mecca!

A magazine marked with a V or something unknown to person, esp, showing Muslim disgust in indirect manner!

A Christian religious symbol disapearance, moved or broken!

A book open to a particular verse or word!

A unknown physical item left!

A crescent moon shape!

The color green object left or changed!

A door left open and or to face Mecca!

Defacing minor or major of any Christian symbol of the Trinity!

Any writing depicting Jesus as Lord!