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#54, Tying wrists & ankles--garrote
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 11:23 AM
In response to message #53
I conclude that the rope bindings were design for the purpose of transportation from house by two persons. Mr. Ramsey stated in deposition his daughter was wraped alike a papoose. A police style technique of two person carry of bindings with person face done.

The garrote was IMO a device to control any possible verbal outburst by JBR and or quick death if need occured to abandon her, so to leave no witness of perp's identities.

The short movie style duct tape was their failure IMO, and that JBR got it loose and screamed, so leading to head blow and garrote so planed before the moment.

Means: Professionally trained killer in Muslim camps.

The hesitation hold in basement for change in plan for Mrs. Ramseys kidnapping (not in spare bedroom) led to the death event IMO.