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#51, Ransom note: Perfect Muslim forum IF!
Posted by F-e on May-03-03 at 11:01 AM
In response to message #50
The Ramsey ransom note was the PERFECT tool of Muslim mass communication of the Prophetic voice of Islam. IF, the HIGHEST level of Ramzi Yousef release was accomplished, then the ransom note IF published became the PERFECT CALL to Jihad. Yousef's release would have declared to Muslim extremist worldwide, ALLAH is with them!!!!

But it would be NEGATIVE press if it failed, it did fail, it failed to attain the level of POSITIVE accomplishment for Muslims to take credit for the event. It also would be FOOLISH for them to pre-state their idenity before Yousef negotiations for hostage trade ensued with the FEDS.

The Ramsey ransom note muslim message was abandoned for propaganda purposes due to the death of the female child.