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#20, Publically, Boulders #1
Posted by F-e on May-02-03 at 12:42 PM
In response to message #19
The Ramseys were publically Boulder's #1 wealthy persons of comfort in 1996. The stage was set over and over in local papers it seems of one Ramsey event to another.

A SIGN!!!! Ramsey! Yes the name itself became a SIGN to Muslim superstition processes of understanding Allah's will for them to act. To a Muslim extremist, Ramsey for Ramzi Yousef was PURE ALLAH communication to act for the release of their brother Ramzi from the Infidels.

It also further the Koran's teaching on the Jihad.

17:16 "When we resolve to destroy a city, We first give warning to those of its people who live in comfort."

A early event of such to obtain the release of Ramzi Yousef was PERFECT by the SIGNS of to act too. The Evangelist Christian daughter of the Mother who was openly declaring Jesus and donating monies to Evangelist worldwide was futher fuel for the FIRE of Muslim punishment. She of comfort! No HEART drawn for Mrs. Ramsey, Anywhere noted?