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#19, The Moon-crescent-capitate
Posted by F-e on May-02-03 at 12:32 PM
In response to message #16
Koran 54:1 section

"The hour of doom is drawing near, and the moon is cleft in two. Yet, when they see a sign(jbr's palm)(heart), the unbelievers turn their backs and say: 'Ingenious sorcery!

"They deny the truth, and follow their own fancies(movies). But in the end all issues (Non-believers) shall be laid to rest."

"Cautionary tales, profound in wisdom (Jews & Chrisitans), have been narraeted to them: but warnings are unavailing. " (Ramsey note WARNINGS)

54:11 "This WE have left as a sign:" (JBR's palm)(ransom note)(heart) but will any take heed? How grievious was my scourge, and how clear my WARNING!

54:49 "We have destroyed many a nation like yourselves." "Will you not take Warning?"

"you and yours" Ramsey note. One will find in the Koran's English translation, the use of "you and yours" as a Koran constant use.

Note: The evidence association is based on HEARSAY as to evidence in Ramsey case in comparison to Muslim theory.