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#10, Cultural religious WAR!
Posted by Frank-e on May-02-03 at 11:26 AM
In response to message #9
In this exploration of the RAMSEYS being draged into a Cultural religious war of the Old World Muslim blood line rulers versus the Western Nations, esp. the USA as to Western pop Culture (Hollywood) and Jewish, Evangelist center of power and wealth.

Again, MOTIVE: Ramsey for Ramzi Yousef!!!!

"Listen Carefully!"

In the ransom note one finds--associative--to Muslims words and phrases, also, if One has a religious understanding and study of the Quran, One futher finds more--associative--symbols and meanings westerns are in full lack of knowledge too.

In 'Listen Carefully" We have the main religious Quran stated likeness to--Listen to Us!--Muslims use toward Infidels.