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Posted by Frank-e on May-02-03 at 10:28 AM
If the information is correct and the Ramsey dictionary was turned to "incessant" or "incest", then we may be seeing the sex vs terrorism therories aligning or "incessant" gaining prominance as a theory.

A news breaking example if determined to be terrorist origin may be the on going as "incessant" means. Except, we're talking about 1996 as to "incessant" and today we have had an increase of attacks.

Israel, has experienced "incessant" attacks from the Muslims for decades now. When will it end, not til we knock the HE (muslim male) to the ground.

Today, we see Maine arsenic CHURCH poisonings and that a Evangelist named Shelly Timber had been preaching once a month there.

Mrs. Ramsey as an Christian Evangelist supporter is the connection to Ramsey case.