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#3, Karr--borderline skizo
Posted by Dreamer on Aug-18-06 at 11:17 PM
In response to message #2
Karr is ill. Very ill. Yet, he, like many mental health ill persons will not be treated humanely.

It's more likely he will become career advancement for "ME" government Old world style aristocrats.

Hopefully the investigators think well enough to deduct if Karr was given case info only the killer would know. Information planted inorder to deter from the actual killer. Peds of the same feather flock together. Arabs are masters of deceit. Intricate designs of mathamatical superior order than most Americans function at.

I still hold strong to a Muslim convert of American or Candian nationality living on a boat as suspect profile. An individual intellectualy capable of understanding the Arab Islamic big picture scheme and plot. His specific role is in the murder of females whom publically depict America's sex icons.

Any boat leaving the Great Lakes would have to go through customs. The eastern USA seaboard & the Great Lakes borders of Canada & USA is his hunting purification areas. Naughty female sex mimics.

It's all about bringing America to the veil.
"Listen carefully" An Arab Islamic warning is what the Ramsey note was.