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#8, RE: Knives & Other Oddities
Posted by Margoo on Feb-09-04 at 00:59 AM
In response to message #7
LAST EDITED ON Feb-09-04 AT 01:00 AM (EST)
The paring/grapefruit knife was found in the laundry area, near JonBenét's room. (oops edited to - the paring/grapefruit knife was photographed in the laundry area on the second floor, near JonBenét's room.)

Don't know where the "red knife with broken ornament" was found.

Don't know IF there was a red Swiss Army knife found.

Don't know IF there was a Swiss Army knife with Burke's name on it found.

I could only see ONE knife listed in the evidence list (the one with the broken ornament).

How many knives were there?