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#64, RE: LHP's book - Chapter 1
Posted by Ashley on Jan-04-04 at 08:49 PM
In response to message #62
What I'm wondering is this: IF Linda is so easily led, like she's being now with this so called book.

Could she have been easily led into a kidnapping scheme? Iw ould have to say YES! For money it seems she knows no boundaries.

Would she have given someone a key and told them about the room she claims that only Patsy and John knew about.

Well, guess what Linda? You just told everybody YOU KNEW about it BEFORE the murder. So I guess that makes YOU and the Rasmey's the only one that knew about that room being there, eh? The dna doesn't match the Ramsey's...I guess it must be your husbands or some degenerate that you were in on it with???