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#34, Darnay as LHP's attorney....
Posted by Maikai on Jan-03-04 at 05:14 PM
In response to message #33
LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-04 AT 05:17 PM (EST)
Here you have a guy--an attorney at that (also married to a woman who ran a business of ill repute and got caught), who lost a case accusing Patsy of murdering her daughter. An esteemed judge wrote a lengthy opinion on the case, including in no uncertain terms, her opinion that the evidence points to an intruder.

NOW...this same attorney apparently sends out under his email address, this tawdry excerpt from a non-fiction book his client plans on writing touting again, the Patsy did it theory. What kind of legal representation is that? LHP, through her attorney, has clearly left herself wide open for a libel suit, and her admitted intimate knowledge of phrases in the ransom note leaves her wide open for at the very least, additional questioning. Who is he baiting and why? And why would LHP be part of it? I don't believe for a minute she is that stupid.

Add to all of that, Darnay's recent association with a convicted child killer (Steinberg). He doesn't deserve to have a license to practice law, IMO.