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#14, RE: Disgusting
Posted by jameson on Jan-02-04 at 10:40 PM
In response to message #13
I verified that the chapter was sent to the media from none other than Darnay Hoffman - - spoke to more than one reporter today about it. They all said it was absolute garbage and they don't believe for a minute that any publisher will touch it.

A long time ago I did read a book by Darnay's wife - it was advice - how a woman might please her husband so he won't pay someone on the side.... it was pretty raw and I did not enjoy it. In fact I was pretty grossed out at a few points.

One thing I did take away from that book - - a very good tip.

For really nice soft feet, slather vaseline on those toes and heels and cover with socks - wear to bed and.... yes, ladies, the feet are much softer.

Probably not the greatest turn on - seeing your wife in white socks - but.... in the dark, who cares?