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#9, RE: The Lin Wood Challenge...
Posted by jameson on Jan-26-04 at 11:49 AM
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Tricia is now saying Patsy said something on the tape before the transcript began. I listened to the "enhanced" tape she is offering and there is something on that tape - don't know if it was there before Tricia got it or if she and her friends added it - but I do hear something. No distinct words, but more than a moan.

Tricia is attributing that to Patsy - and I wonder what the big deal is? I can imagine myself dialing 911 and mumbling "Please, pick up." or "Hurry, hurry" or "Please let this be a dream." No matter what Patsy may have said before the transcript began - - I just don't see what difference it makes?

The BORG picks on the strangest things toget caught up with.

Ignore the disturbance at the window. Ignore the handwriting and the DNA. Ignore the stun gun and cord and tape that can't be linked to the parents. Ignore Lucy's story - which may or may not be related.

But let's go after Patsy for what can't be heard on a tape.

I wish the new investigators would clear those who can be cleared - including the Ramseys - based on the evidence.