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#10, RE: The Lin Wood Challenge...
Posted by Sam on Jan-26-04 at 12:56 PM
In response to message #9
Well according to posters the dna is at the point that it can clear suspects.
Let me quote the BPD from the 48 hours transcrips about Oliva.Boulder police dismissed Oliva because his DNA doesn't match evidence at the scene. The Ramseys say police have a double standard : While some suspects have been cleared because their DNA doesn't match. They "Ramseys" have not been cleared for the same reason.
My point, how can they clear Oliva or anyone else on DNA if they can't clear Ramseys?
I want to know for once and all do they have the DNA are not.
Is it good enough to match a suspect, because if it is all we need to do is match it up RIGHT??