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#0, The Lin Wood Challenge...
Posted by Mame on Dec-27-03 at 11:39 AM

Since Spade and Tricia seem to work tirelessly to find attention for their ill conceived theories and poorly done science projects...NOW IS THE TIME FOR THEM TO TAKE LIN WOOD'S CHALLENGE! If their work is so damn important let's see if they have the guts to take him.

Wood, who on Tuesday filed a defamation suit against Fox News, says Griffith's statements are absolutely and unequivocally false. The tape is a genuine representation of Patsy Ramsey's distress and further proves that none of the Ramseys was involved in JonBenet's murder, Wood said. I challenge anyone who says to the contrary to publicly release their recording and the full report of any so-called expert who claims to hear Burke and John on the tape, Wood said. I will be more than happy to take the sworn testimony of any such individual as part of the Ramsey v. Fox News litigation and prove that person upon cross-examination to be a fraud.