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#40, Don Pugh's analysis....
Posted by Maikai on Aug-09-03 at 02:02 PM
In response to message #39
He's the one that compared the "we" and "I" with another note:


(Excerpt from Pugh's analysis)
\The Ramsey case is not the first ransom note and kidnapping scenario used to draw attention away from a murder. In 1978, the murder of Gail Jackson and several other women occurred in Columbus, Georgia. There was a ransom note in this case also and parallels can be drawn between the notes in both the Ramsey and Jackson cases. Below, the first lines of the notes are compared.

Ramsey: "We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction."
Jackson: "We are an organization composed of seven members."

The purpose of these statements is to suggest that a group of people is involved in the crime. Initial examination of the Jackson note revealed that the seven men mentioned were seven white men and experts, who examined the note in March of 1978, felt that it was a "bogus" ransom note. By looking in the opposite direction of what the staged note implied, experts concluded that the offender was a black man, "possibly an artillery man or military policeman" who was solely responsible for the murder. William Hance, a black man in an artillery unit at Fort Bennings, was later arrested in the Jackson case. He confessed that the note was a "hoax" and he was the only person involved in the murders.

Like the Jackson case, the Ramsey note states: "WE are a group of individuals" that are involved in this crime. The use of the pronoun, WE, suggests yet another "bogus" ransom note that is designed to draw attention away from the truth. Therefore, it is probable that the note writer and killer of JonBenét are one in the same -- an individual who acted alone.

The "note" makes other announcements that provide hints that someone from Access Graphics could be involved in the crime. The use of the $118,000.00 figure and "WE respect your Bu(s)siness" were intended to create this impression. Looking in the opposite direction of what the reference in the note implies, it can be concluded that the killer is an individual not connected with Mr. Ramsey's "bu(s)siness" or a "small foreign faction."