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#0, Jann Scott & Lee Hill CIA ops
Posted by Spook 999 on Jun-07-03 at 01:45 PM
Check around : Both Jann Scott and Lee Hill have been connected to law enforcement for years. Hill was naval intelligence. Scott has been CIA since the 70's just out of college. They are both known to have company friends....like Col. Bob Brown who wrote about Scott in Soldier of Fortune..........Scotts supposed vacations to Route 66 have put him the Middle East, SE Asia and Europe. Scott and Lee Hill have been seen numerous times with CIA ops here in Boulder with Eller, Koby and Col. Peter Egan working on the Ramsey case shortly after the murder.......They are working on the forign faction.....It seems John Ramsey wouldn't sell to some Arab terrorists? How about it Jann....Why don't you and L ee admit you've into bed together with LE from the beginning......Everybody knows you are CIA